At least 25 people poisoned by toxic alkaline water, says FDA

It seemed to be an acute problem, possibly confined to a single batch of the water although with no traceability, record keeping, or lot/batch numbers that sort of detail is impossible to tell. According to one of the articles there was even an event where they went around swapping out 5 gallon bottles they had delivered to customers without providing a reason, but they weren’t able to recover all of that batch and didn’t notify anyone. That, plus other evidence suggests that they knew at least one batch of their product was potentially contaminated, and tried to cover it up, and didn’t notify customers that they had delivered known poison.

It could be anything. Too much or contaminated potassium bicarbonate or lye, byproducts of improper electrolysis (assuming they actually did electrolysis and that wasn’t just BS), cleaning products (bleach?) that were not adequately rinsed. The medical report said that the victims didn’t have an identified infection that could cause the liver failure but maybe it could be a result of bacterial or fungal cultures growing in the equipment producing something poisonous that went into the water?


My son’s view is that Gwyneth Paltrow has a running bet with a friend about what is the stupidest thing she can sell to people, and she keeps winning.
He might be on to something, but she obviously has no conscience.


I really don’t think he puts quite that much effort into it…


See, right there he clearly stated all the ingredients in one of the side dishes.


About this item

  • BLACK WATER WITH A PURPOSE: blk. is a fulvic-enhanced all-natural mineral water. blk water is what happens when fulvic trace minerals are added to water. blk features powerful electrolytes and high pH to increase hydration and restore balance
  • FASTER THIRST RECOVERY: Every bottle of refreshing original blk alkaline water is packed with nutrient-rich fulvic acid and humic acid that supply the electrolytes, antioxidants, and amino acids your body needs to rehydrate efficiently
  • REHYDRATE WITH ESSENTIAL MINERALS: Not all bottled water is alkaline and high in minerals like blk water. Other filtered mineral water can be over processed and stripped of beneficial minerals. blk beverages are different
  • 100% QUALITY INGREDIENTS: blk’s water-distilling process is achieved by only using the top 1% of fulvic acid, humic acid, and trace minerals extracted from deep in the earth. blkwater has no calories, no added sugar, and no carbs. Not to mention there is zero flavor
  • FUNCTIONAL WATER: blk. is a premium alkalized non flavored water that is formulated to help support in restoring your energy, skin elasticity, and balance to your system. Take blk. with your supplements to improve their efficacy

Spoiler alert: fulvic acid and humic acid aren’t “trace minerals extracted from deep in the earth.” They are earth. Dirt, specifically. Fulvic and humic acids are a byproduct of the breakdown of soil. The only real way to produce this product is by filtering water through compost.



Sometimes I think it’s not all a cynical con, and that she actually believes this nonsense, but then I remember she sells some of the same products as Alex Jones, where they both slap their own labels on the stuff.


Spinach, as was doubtless known by certain types of animation artists (i.e., probably all of them), was a slang term for marijuana.

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But I’m told she has an absolutely lovely smelling vagina.

Spices with hints of bergamot and verbena…


I think I may have a pint of DMSO kicking around somewhere. It’s a great tissue penetrant and carrier of chemicals mixed into it. Good for cleaning brushes used for oil paint too.

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Not too weird. It’s from the same root as sodium, and sodium bicarbonate is how you carbonate the soda water.

I have wondered about he spa thing ever since moving here, though.

Well clearly, and I’d hate to be accused of defending her, but if I did think there was any thinking or understanding or sincerity going on here at all, I’d wonder if she was already putting a spritz of lemon in her regular water before? In which casing using a more alkaline water would still be just as net-alkalizing?

I can personally attest that mixing them (with some lemon or other citrus oil also helps) makes an excellent degreaser for soaking and scrubbing things while the mixture is still fizzing, much moreso than either alone. Not quite sure why, and yeah, it isn’t something you can store because it becomes useless once it all reacts.


Other way around: adding CO₂ to water under pressure carbonates it, and also creates carbonic acid (which is what gives pure carbonated water its flavour).

Adding bicarbonate of soda wasn’t originally to add bubbles, but to add the flavour (and health benefits) of mineral water, and offset the carbonic acid.


Ooh, neat. Did people originally drink it while fizzy, or wait until it was flat, or both?

Fizziness was always a goal, because who doesn’t like a fizzy drink?

Also, naturally carbonated mineral waters were well known to be good for your health as well as fizzy, so there was an effort to figure out how to manufacture them. As part of that was the fizz, they had to figure out what was causing the fizz and how to recreate it, which wasn’t that easy in the mid 18C when they were still figuring out how chemistry works.


hemochromatosis is a genetic condition characterized by an inability to metabolize iron correctly and thus store it in the liver indefinitely, eventually causing damage to the liver.

A bunch of calcium would cause hypercalcemia, which has a specific set of signs and symptoms and lab results that would probably be identified in the ER.

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This sounds like the most plausible answer

I suspect it’s the fizz that makes people think it is working - the same way that advertising tells people that washing-up liquid which produces the most bubbles is the most effective at removing grease from your dishes, when the roaming agent has nothing to do with cleaning.

Could it be something like aluminium poisoning? Highly alkaline solutions are corrosive to aluminium which is widely used in storage containers and the like.

Could be just about anything.

No one there understands the chemical and electrolysis processes that they’ve been using for at least ten years to make mostly harmless bunkum water.

The owner will apply Scientology’s ethical formula (The most good for the most number across all dynamics) that always returns the same results as pure greed.

“Platinum electrodes cost HOW MUCH? Use aluminum ones, and make it go right!”


Do not, my friends, become addicted to water. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence!