At least 500,000 dead of Covid in US

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We have exceeded the death rate for WW2 casualties in one year. Lovely.


And still 17 days away from the “anniversary” of when it was officially declared a pandemic. Lovely.


So if we put all the people who died of COVID-19 in the US in one city, it would be the 38th largest in the US (using the 2019 estimates.)

It would be just smaller than Atlanta, Georgia and just larger than Kansas City, Missouri.


That’s so sad and so fucking angrymaking.

I’m guessing that the global total will get worse as WHO starts to collate more accurate figures. :cry: :cry: :cry:


Worldometer says the USA is 9th worst in deaths per capita, after the UK, Portugal, Belgium and some others.

Bad management is one reason, but also demographics and comorbidities are other contributing factors.

I do wonder how a score of social trust would factor in though. Seems like that’s a key to many measurements of quality of life, including the heretofore unrecognized quality of life factor of, “my fellow citizens are more or less likely to help me survive a pandemic”.

Anyway, hang in there, all.


You might find this paper interesting, in that it illustrates that social trust can take at least two forms:

One thing I know for sure, in the U.S. both state-led and civil society-led responses have been sorely lacking until recently.


Can we all now wear a mask and wash our hand’sies?


Just a small consolation, but US, you’re doing it no much worse than the UK, Spain or Italy.

[Source Covid-19]


In a week or so, it’ll be like we lost the population of Wyoming. Lovely.


I know urban centers have a big impact, but I was interested how these countries compare in terms of population density. In people/square mile they are:
UK- 725
Italy- 518
Spain- 240
US- 87


What a terrible milepost in a horrible series of events. It fills me with sympathy for the victims, their families, and healthcare workers who have witnessed these losses. Hopefully, there will be fewer deaths from Covid-19 this year.

These reports lead me to wonder about historians. There are folks who make no secret of their plans to ignore recent events and push everyone to forget about them as quickly as possible. I hope this period in history will be documented in a way that we’ll never forget, in terms that make the mistakes of this era ones we are determined never to repeat.*

*Keeping in mind the world has experienced pandemics before, as well as our regrettable tendency to repeat patterns of behavior.


And now we have some new lethal strains of bird-flu. What do you get when an asymptomatic Covid carrier is then exposed to bird-flu? I shudder to think.

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