AT&T was the NSA's enthusiastic top surveillance partner

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It’s been a long time since the AT&T anti trust breakup, but the benefits keep rolling in. We must remember to apply this lesson to any other company that tries to use market dominance to degrade the rights of its customers. (WIN10, I’m thinking about you)


Best move I ever made was saying ‘byebye’ to AT&T. They do still come around trying to sell their shit, but nobody that I know here has gone for it. As for Comcast, they can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but I’ve had no major problems with them and their service has been mostly reliable and consistent.

Nothing that a little deep seated contempt for your customers won’t bring about.


Those logos! Looks like the NSA has some Greeting Card Maker shovelware from 1993 still installed.

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We already knew from previous leaks that AT&T was eagerly slobbering the NSA’s knob, this just underscores how eager they were.

Also, those powerpoints, ahahahaha.


Seriously. I know the use of 1990s-era clip-art isn’t even close to the real problem here, but I can’t see past it. To me, it reads as a community of leaders completely out of touch with modern norms around professional communication. But I’m pendantic about this shit.

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Surprised? AT&T employees don’t call their logo “The Death Star” for nothing.


To the best of my knowledge the only thing that’s kept AT&T afloat financially for the last couple decades has been the massive amounts of cash they receive from TLAs, (mostly the NSA), in exchange for full access to their sites and data. Not that the other telcos balance sheets haven’t been helped as well, but AT&T has been the biggest sellout by far, apparently by financial necessity.

That’s the only reason I stuck with Sprint for so long, even though their coverage isn’t as good and neither are their rates, (I guess that’s what happens when you’re not subsidized by Uncle Sam!), they’re the only ones who resisted warrantless data requests. I’m sure the NSA still has their data through illegal fiber taps, but at least they had to work for it! Unfortunately I’ve finally had to move away from Sprint as they kept screwing up my billing to the tune of several hundred dollars a month and I got tired of having to call them to get it fixed.

Fortunately Tucows, (remember them?), have set up a cellular reselling service called Ting, which has all the major carriers, including Sprint, so I got to keep my phone and my bill is a tiny fraction what it was before (even prior to the screwups).

I’m going to be a blatant opportunist here and post this link to them (which has a referral code. :slight_smile:

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I have AT&T. I like my smartphone and the coverage. Also, FUCK AT&T.

Do I want to replace their expensive service? Yes.

Do I think that ANY OTHER comparable teleco will actually keep my shit private? No.

What, am I gonna go get Verizon?

Is there a suggestion here? Does anyone have one?

With ISP policy being a prominent factor you can’t control, it seems the only reasonable solution is user-side, like with a BlackPhone.

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