AT&T's fake 5Ge network


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sooo, the “E” is for ersatz?




Most people won’t get real 5G anyway.


Extreme :exploding_head:


I was wondering why Verizon took out a full paid ad in the WSJ about how their 5G would be real 5G


They should add an XL or LUX before it.


Extra fees.


They (and the other US carriers) did the same thing with 4G, branding faster 3G as 4G.



Have those designations ever been more than a vague notion and marketing hype?


5Ge is one louder.


Thought ‘e’ stands for ersatz. Opened comments, and discovered I was late…


Clear intent to decieve. Change in font (diiferent angles) for the E and deliberately kerned wrong. Made to appear as a stylised antenna icon, not as part of 5GE. Attourneys general, take note!


Well… “4G”, “5G” etc. were marketing terms in the first place, bracketing all kinds of standards like UMTS, HSPA, E-UTRA and so forth… soooo I guess it’s not really out of a big telco’s “baseline of evil” :poop:

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