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Diamond Lil passed away:

And the Masquerade is moving apparently:

I’m sad now.


Too bad about Masquerade. I saw Lords of Acid there and some others that’re just fuzzy memories now because they were fuzzy experiences to begin with. That was a great location with a lot of character and I’m sure it’ll be replaced by something very rectangular and not at all interesting.

I didn’t know about Diamond Lil, but a sad loss anyway.


Yeah… so many good memories of that place. KMFDM, Pigface, Fugazi, Rasputina and the Cranes, Meat Beat Manifesto… and recently, Laibach’s recent tour, which I took my 13 year old to! Such a fun place to go and dance too. I’m, like you, totally sure that nothing but an upscale strip mall will end up there… it’s right across from the back side of Ponce City Market (glorified mall). ATL seems to be slowly losing it’s character… :frowning:


Oooooo, you saw KMFDM! Now I’m really jealous, I’ll have to play some to compensate.

A few months back I tried to take a Google Streetview tour of some old hangouts. I was looking for McNeillys (neon parrot sign) which used to be at Peachtree and Collier, with a beignet place a couple doors down I think. I watched the opening ceremony for the 96 Olympics there. It was kinda cool because on TV some fighter jets flew over the stadium, then about 20 seconds later they flew over us in the restaurant. It’s not often that the TV universe and the real world blend like that. (I also saw my first Dancing Baby there.) My point is, many memories attached to that place, and it’s gone, that whole block is some highrise now. It’s very disorienting when place-memories are attached to a place that no longer exists.


They were LOUD! The only show I can think of that was louder was the Swans final show in 97 (before they decided to reform recently) at Variety in L5Pts (which is still there and going strong!). Also, I think genitortures opened for them… I think that’s right.

Agreed! The city has changed radically since I’ve been here. There is a pretty long list of places I used to hang out that are just gone now. There are some nice places still around, some new places I like, but I miss the old ones… It’s all part of getting older, I guess!


I can’t place Variety. Any chance it used to be called The Point, or was this something different? (I could get on Streetview and look, but I’m afraid of what I’d find.) The Point was on the end of a wedge-shaped block with a stage and window at the skinny end overlooking the intersection there, diagonally across from Zesto’s IIRC. You probably know it. (I saw early Indigo Girls at the Point, sitting on the floor with Amy and Emily’s boottips about ten feet in front of my face. That was pretty great.) I think there was a bike store and a record store in the same block to the north. It’s been a while. I’ll have to get on Streetview and see.

EDIT - OK, Variety’s down the street from there a little ways. And I should know that, because I saw John Gorka there. (Streetview was relatively painless except I see there’s now an APD post right next to the the crystals shop. Talk about buzzkill.)

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It’s on Euclid, on the left side if you’re heading downtown (West). The Point is now the Clothing Warehouse… You’re right about the orientation to Zestos (which is on the corner of Euclid and Moreland). Wax-n-Facts is still in the same location, as is Abbadabba’s, Junkmen’s Daughter, and Aurora coffee… Criminal has moved around the block and is on Euclid now in a larger space.

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was not familiar with her, but nice link.

My first visit to Atlanta was to see a show there, and I live within walking distance of it now, but my show-going days are long over. can’t take all the excess stimulation ( ._.)

The rumors of it’s closing are almost as old as my residency here, so I’m well primed for it’s demise. I just hope the building isn’t demo’d. Pretty sure it qualifies as a historic. Unfortunately, that probably means that the building that I saw X, GZA, the Slackers, Pigface etc in will become housing for clueless yuppies. meh.


The Point closed before I moved here, but the structure is a Clothing Warehouse now. Wax-N-Facts is still there? I go to the liquor store on the next block now and again, but I usually take the shortcut across the back of the Point bldg and thru the gate so I haven’t actually seen the street-facing storefronts in a while. I think it’s still there but now I want to say I half-remember news of it closing?

Ah, well, Mindy seems to know better than I. gotta RTFThread, Noah…


I saw them at the Masquerade twice! The 10th anniversary show was fucking amazing! The lady with the toothbrush with FM Einheit was awesome and hilarious!

my buddy Jeff was the fan of theirs, so he was like “I’m driving down, come with if you want to see an awesome show.” and it totally was. we saw them twice in the mid-90s. one of the times some of the performers got into an inflatable raft and surfed the crowd, but I don’t remember any toothbrushes. I was on acid one of the times, tho, lol.

Actually, my first ATL trip may have been to see the Teen Beat label tour. My buddy Fred ran into me and totally randomly asked if I wanted to road-trip down with him in a few hours to see a bunch of bands I knew nothing about. Naturally, I took him up on it. Saw a group called Air Miami who was good, and some others. It was the venue which is now the Highlander, which I later pieced together because the graffiti mural by the window in the back bar remained–indeed it was still there last time I went.


I can’t remember what years I saw them, but they were awesome live! OH, and I did see them a third time at the cotton club, when they moved it to underneath the Tabernacle!

Oh! Is the highlander still around? Like you, I don’t get out as much as I used to…

I assume so. Last I was over in Midtown Promenade, it seems to have weathered the Midtown gerntrification thing. I used to work over near it a few years back , still going strong.

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Awesome! I’m glad some places I used to enjoy are still around!

Also, did you see this week’s creative loafing cover story? Gives some good details on the Masquerade’s move as well as what’s happening with the location (building is staying with shops inside, music park is getting razed for fucking condos/parking)… new place is out on the westside:

(for some reason, there is no direct link to the story, but it’s on the front page of the website)…

Anyways… BRB, crying now…!


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