Atlanta interstate catches fire and collapses


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Now, let us again say that fire cannot structurally damage steel and concrete. Go ahead, I dare you.


Looks like a train track under it? At first I thought it was maybe a rail tanker full of jet fuel, but then I remember that jet fuel can’t melt steel, so it must be something else.


FLASE FLAG11!111!!

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It’s halt and then catch fire.

Jokes aside, sympathies to Atlanta mutants. Hopefully no one has been hurt.


“The Route, the Route, the Route is on fire…
We don’t need no water, let the mother fucker burn.”


It’s obviously a train load of tankers carrying the mind-control agents airliners use to make chemtrails. Who knows what temperature that stuff burns at!

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Hasn’t Atlanta already had enough trouble?


I’d like to declare myself as a I-85 truther.


Charcoal can’t melt steel. The iron age is a liberal myth.


I always figured that stuff like this is what real saboteur work would look like:
Long stretches of arterial highway destroyed with chemicals; pennies jamming doors at big stock brokerages on monday mornings; subway token exchanges broken in perpetuity etc etc

Small things that end up costing a lot of money, especially when added together.


To get around this, drivers are advised to take Peachtree to Peachtree, turn left on Peachtree, then take Peachtree to Peachtree, turn right, drive for 2.5 miles, and take the Peachtree onramp to I-85.


Have you seen some of our Infrastructure. A couple of guys with sledgehammers could take out large stretches.


Anyone know what was on fire? I know one thing, steel does not burn at common atmospheric concentrations of oxygen, so I assume the bridge itself wasn’t burning.





I dare some Georgian to spray paint “General Sherman was here” somewhere in the vicinity.


From Reuters:

[Governor] Deal said the fire that led to the highway collapse appeared to have been fueled by a large pile of PVC piping under the structure. Authorities did not know who owned the piping or who had put it under the bridge, Deal said.

That’s a big “hmmmm.”


I double dog dare you…


If I lived in the General vicinity. . . .


That’s going to be tomorrow morning’s rush hour.