Atlas Obscura's list of remarkable American gas stations

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I frequently pass the Helios House when I’m in L.A., but didn’t know it was also intended to be a LEED-certified “gas station of the future”.

The googie Union 76 in Beverly Hills also a regular sight for me. Now I want to see some of the others.


Not going to lie, the “Rutherford B. Hayes Birthplace Gas Station” made me laugh pretty hard. Also, that feels like peak America, right there - the combination of disregard for history and addiction to gasoline, the tacky absurdity of an official presidential memorial plaque at a (standard, minimalist-industrial) gas station…


I visited that Helios gas station as part of an organised retail tour of LA back in the before times. We were met by a lady who gave us a tour of its unique selling points, most of which were there to greenwash consumers into buying BP fossil fuel with a clear conscience.

It jarred my mind when the lady said - “We get people driving all the way from (name of some place presumably very far away) to get their gas from this station”.

We also visited the Union 76 gas station in Beverly Hills which had recently been restored and were met by the guy who had put up the outrageous amount of money to do the restoration. It was a pure labour of love I have nothing but respect for that man.

If I lived in the US, no matter where, I’d drive all the way to exclusively buy my petrol there


I’ve been to the Hanksville Hollow Mountain gas station. It’s somewhat less impressive on the inside.


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