Atomic bomb tests as seen from Las Vegas and Los Angeles


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“Atom bomb sunrise” sounds like a great name for a drink…


I’ll take three.


Huh. In retrospective fascinating but I wouldn´t have wanted to live back then…



More than 91 people out of 220 working on the film “The Conqueror” contracted cancer. The location setting was 150 miles downwind from an active nuclear test site.
Among those dead of cancer of the cast and crew: John Wayne, Agnes Morehead, and Susan Hayward.


Are you from the future?

I bet you’re from the future.



The cancer rates of the cast and crew of the “The Conqueror” – to the extent described in the article – pretty much mirror the average US population’s cancer rate.

The average American has a 22.6% chance that their cause of death will be cancer – about in 1 in 4 odds. Over 40% of people will get cancer in their lifetime. So, out of 220 ordinary Americans, you’d actually expect around 90 of them to get cancer, and half of those to die of cancer – even without exposure to a nuclear test site.

We all now know that open-air nuclear tests are terrible from a public-health standpoint. But this anecdote inadvertently shows that even today, the public at large really has no understanding of just how prevalent cancer is.


Aha! I suspected there might already be a drink of that name. Well, nearly the same name, at least. Plus, suppresses your cough while you get plastered!


Thanks for the pick me up. Jesus H.


Most are ready to call it quits after two. (Or probably just one if you don’t serve them up so fast that they don’t have a chance to register what they just got hit with.)


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