Attempted murder by cheesecake for the purpose of identity theft

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Isn’t this attempted murder by poison? The cheesecake was merely a disguise for the poison.

If someone hides a knife in a towel and then stabs someone to death we don’t call it death by towel.


Yeah but that makes for a booooooring headline.


Viktoria Nasyrova appears to be the suspect, not the victim, unless reporters have been duped by the identity theft as well…

“On August 28, 2016, Nasyrova visited the Forest Hills home a 35-year-old Olga Tsuyk, bearing cheesecake, according to authorities.”
-from cbs local affiliate which seems to match other posts on this


Fixed. Thx.


Do you think @jandrese is disappointed in BoringBoring?




Very down and dirty in the big city.

Doesn’t seem to have taken. It still says victim.

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Maybe that’s just what the NRA wants you to think.

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Weaponized cheesecake??? Is there nothing holy?

What have we become???

Thought the culprit looked familiar… she was profiled on 48 hours in 2017. Here’s the OG story on Viktoria Nasyrova. Wicked, wicked lady… looks like she was plotting an escape.

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Just curious, but is this woman related to Melania? She could show her a few tricks, but then, this why dumb donald eats fast food.

Trumpland. Haven’t you noticed yet? It is the new normal.

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I was hoping that this story would finally answer the question how much cheesecake is required to clog one’s arteries to a full stop. Disappointed!!

Reading the headline, I was pictureing someone being hit over the head with a frozen cheesecake.

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