ATTENTION: @theSplund is not pleased with the commenting system


this commenting system is horrible

Why are edit revisions visible?


I’d be happy to nominate your inclusion.


Good to know. Where would you like to start improving it, your pleasure is our only pleasure.


I want in on that list!


Off topic–I had no idea that doc existed, and the complaint “confused by a novelty whisk” made me giggle :slight_smile: Thanks for the laugh!


Good lord! I remember seeing a bloody Splund in a cave in Marrakesh! Rare as hens’ teeth!


Anyone who likes The Trap Door can’t be all bad.


What in the name of…

Also I see this Leader ability to edit topic titles is working spendidly!


Hey, I’m right near the top!

(I was really sick and grumpy that day, and I apologized)


Awesome, let’s discuss.




I, for one, am disappointed to not be on that list.

Or does that require a different list?


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