Attorney and former Presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti charged with extortion



As much as I want to not trust the guy, i’m suspecting Nike of misdeeds also.

Corruption and professional/collegiate/high school/olympic sports go together like peanut butter and chocolate. It’s easy to believe that Nike would try to set him up like that for digging up that they were paying high school students. Not to say that Avenatti didn’t want to get in on some of that action unfortunately.

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This sideswipes Claire Bronfman and the Nxivm trial. Mark Geragos, her defense lawyer, is named as co-conspirator.

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I’m trying to understand what kind of self-delusion would lead Avenatti to believe that he could plausibly go to Nike with some information like this (i.e., payoffs to high schools to get players to go to specific colleges) all while harboring the belief that his client alone possessed this information. I mean, for blackmail to work you kind of need to have an understanding that the information is unique and can be plausibly hidden if the target of the blackmail pays up. If Nike was doing this, there’s no way that a single coach was in on it.

That, also, when you are dealing with a company with $5 billion in cash and plenty of bad PR about child labor conditions. Did he think Nike would give a fuck about some retail corruption regarding college recruiting? What a maroon.

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I’m impressed with Mrs Clifford’s sense of timing.

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