Mareli Miniutti gets restraining order against Michael Avenatti, claims he was violent

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How far down the rabbit hole are we willing to go?


Well there’s an actual woman making actual claims now so we’re already well above the credibility level of the accusations against Mueller.


At least it’s not Jacob Wohl’s mom.


This is going to get very interesting. Avenatti has written a letter to LAPD refuting the accusation and claiming video and eyewitnesses, including a security guard, that prove him innocent.

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I’ve never called anyone(nor been called) a “respondent.”
What does it mean?

I’ve never known what to make of Avenatti. As weird as the world has become lately, I have to admit my mind wanders to conspiracies involving Trump and some kind of setup, but then I don’t want to be the douche that doubts an abused woman. If he were just representing Stormy Daniels and making occasional public appearances for her I would not be so willing to mistrust him, but he does a lot of needless grandstanding, and he’s supposedly considering running for President (?!) so I’m on her side, but recognize things could get even weirder at any moment.


He also appeared to briefly blame Jacob Wohl last week

Puleeeze. If Wohl was behind this, all that would have happened is that we’d have heard that Jacob Wohl had ineptly tried to set him up using an imaginary woman.


Avenatti could be cleared of this and I would still think that he is a manipulative, opportunistic jerk.

I admire his determination to chivvy Donald Trump into a compromising position, and I would hate to see anyone taken down by conservative dirty tricks. But @Shuck is right, if Jacob Wohl was involved in this, the only discussion we’d be having would center on whether Wohl was more or less stealthy than an elephant wearing a ninja suit.


It’s a bit of police jargon used in incident reports, in this case referring to Avenatti.

Miniutti is the complainant (she made the ‘complaint’)
Avenatti is the respondent (he ‘responds’ to the complaint)


I refuse to believe an lawyer could be a jerk.


It was pretty clear fro tbe get go tbat he was an ego driven publicity seeker who was aiming to twist his 15 min of fame to a more enduring gig. And he’s a lawyer on top of that.

Just out of curiosity, did anyone else gag a bit when, after describing them as dating for some time and living together since such and such, they go on to interview her husband as a character reference? Strange days we are living in.


Yeah - what’s with that?
It’s the only thing that stuck out from this morality tale.

You have to get past the glam shots and assorted crap, but Wohl seems to be trying to claim credit here, saying “Surefire strikes again!” What a friggin cluster fuck. Avonati has never been a favorite of mine, of course, never met the man, but his public persona is off putting to me. Sadly, i would not be shocked to find out this is absolutely true. But if Wohl has any part in this, it will be a mess and every person involved will wind up looking very very bad at best.


So… Ms. Miniutti is versed in police jargon then?

They both utterly look like trouble.


Calling someone an “ungrateful bitch” is a pretty light allegation; it comes across as cheapening the serious physical violence alleged. Heck, I would call both Trump and Avenatti ungrateful fucking bitches.


That was the takeaway you got out of her allegation? Let’s read it again;

I think it’s pretty clear she isn’t making the “he called me ungrateful” part the central part of the allegation.

Also, please avoid using the epithet “fucking bitch” in any context. It’s a misogynist slur even when directed at men.


Please don’t permit this to be a distraction from getting trump as far from effects on the nation as possible. We’ve got real on-going threats to the republic - and this ain’t one of them.


No, the reporter is taking pull-quotes from the police report, which is itself a not-verbatim record of her statement, and attributing them to Miniutti as straight quotes. I’d put it down to either lazy or ignorant reporter reportering.