Lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested on felony domestic violence allegations: LAPD


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A positive byproduct? Hopefully he won’t even entertain the idea of running for President.


So many passive verbs!

We’re told…
We’re told…
We’re told…


Yeah, I feel bad, but that was my first thought.



  1. Assuming the evidence is remotely credible, few if any on the left are going to bother defending Avenatti for his horrible actions.
  2. People on the right are going to make false equivalencies anyway.


You would think this would disqualify him but…


That’s an interesting defense counselor, but not one generally accepted as exculpatory after third grade.


They told us?


Easy come, easy go. Hope his X-Wife is ok, and seeking shelter elsewhere.



That’s a tRumpian defense if I ever heard one. Not good, not good at all.


Never ever is domestic violence acceptable. Ever. We can only hope his 15 min of fame are now officially over.


Why am I not surprised?


He screamed repeatedly, “She hit me first.” We’re told he angrily added, “This is bulls***, this is f***ing bulls***.”

Are we sure he’s not just reciting his favorite lines from The Room?


I can’t stand to eat any more of this popcorn, it’s making me sick.


Roger That!


Maybe it’s just the old guy in me, but even if she is an MMA fighter or something, “she hit me first” carries no weight at all.


But then the writer has to specify who “they” is. It’s a lot of anonymous quotes. I’m not saying Avenatti is innocent, but this is the crappiest of yellow journalism. TMZ - I am shocked!


Weird! He always struck me as such a mellow and good natured fella who’d never do something like fly off the handle and then lie about it!


TMZ is a bad joke, but it’s reported elsewhere. Still unnamed police sources, but it’s a developing story.

In August, Avenatti started The Fight PAC

First rule of the Fight PAC…