Audio represetation of Bitcoin's price history


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For those liking graphical input to synths there are some classics out there

And get yourself over to and grab a virtual ANS


This also works:


Is this two unrelated posts, mashed together?


I thought so at first, too, but then I figured he was referring to used video cards having been used for mining bitcoin, which is at least tangential to the main point.

By the way, that’s the same video card I got. Love it. Not the priciest or fastest, but runs everything I can through at it.


Honestly if the audio isn’t a Rickroll then that’s a hell of a missed opportunity.


Has it actually been demonstrated that after having done extensive time in a mining rig, a video card is considerably more likely to fail than a brand new one? Or is it just one of those things that everyone quietly assumes?


I came to say that a slide whistle would work well, but decided to give the thing a listen first. Glad I did. Course, a slide whistle still works.



The fans are dying for sure. And I think that’s where the iffy cards come from.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the heat cycles of normal gameplay are worse for the cards themselves than running 24/7. The cause of bad used cards is more the general environment of open racks and box-fan coolers in moldy, sweaty east-coast basements, the get-rich-quick personalities involved, and other qualitative factors.


I plot my migraines, maybe I’ll feed that into the synthesizer.


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