Auralnauts shares "Zack Snyder's STAR WARS: Part 1 - A New Hope"

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A dumb, rambling monologue is as predictable in a Zack Snyder movie as a Detroit landmark being “blown up” in a Micheal Bay movie. :face_vomiting:


Congrats to Auralnauts for managing to copy Snyder’s style so accurately that I ended up turning it off before watching the whole thing, just like I did with Rebel Moon!


Need all that exposition to make time for the dramatic slow mo!


And yet, you have watched these movies anyways?


Some, mostly because I wanted to review them for the blog but then didn’t because I don’t enjoy them enough.


Good God! I couldn’t make it past the 5 minute mark. :nauseated_face:

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You could play ‘Trope and Meme Bingo’ with Rebel Moon. Or a drinking game – gunslinger? Take a drink. Beastmaster? Drink. Zen samurai? Drink. Sudden but inevitable betrayal?

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I was never interested enough to watch either version, but I can still understand why a “Director’s Cut” of Zack Snyder’s Justice League exists. The original theatrical release wasn’t the movie he wanted to make or would have released if he’d still had any control over the creative process in the final stages of filming and post-production.

What exactly is the excuse for releasing a “Director’s Cut” of Rebel Moon, again? Is it Netflix’s admission that they kneecapped Snyder and realized the mistake immediately, or is it a cynical ploy to get Snyder fanboys to pump up the viewership numbers?


that’s what double speed is for :smiley_cat: ( granted, even then, it was difficult. vader’s monologue was almost worth it. almost )

anyone know where that final scene with vader and the emperor came from? it didn’t look familiar to me. did auralnauts paste that together?

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… off all the times I’ve wished I could get those 12 minutes of my life back, this time it worked — I successfully went back in time and didn’t watch it

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Isn’t that scene from the end of Revenge of the Sith; with some extra force lighting added?

I’m definitely not the target audience for Zack Snyder films*. I feel that both Snyder and Bay would be great as cinematographers rather than directors.

*I should be; the subject matter is right up my cinema aisle. The joyless execution, however, leaves me feeling slightly sick and definitely bored.


2 1/2 minutes. Was just boring.


It’s Netflix. That should answer your question.

They sure aren’t storytellers. J J Abrams is slightly better, but he’s also one of those one trick ponies, with his trick being fan service but not knowing how to handle plot, storytelling or continuity.

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