Austerity kills the last steam-powered loom in the world

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In the year of our Ludd, 2016…


COAL powered.

“At its peak it burnt 6 tonnes a day, but now uses only 10 tonnes a month.” --Wikipedia

Not sorry it will be shut down, but sad to see any museum close its doors.


This will be devastating news to steam-powered loom aficionados everywhere.


It’s no loss. With the avalanche of Trickle Down that’s soon to be trickling down, everyone will be able to afford their own steam-powered loom museums! And with all the admission they’ll be able to charge themselves, everyone will be in the 1%!


That’s not that bad.

For comparison, the Drax power station, next door in Yorkshire, has a maximum potential consumption of 36,000 tonnes of coal a day. In 2011, it consumed 9.1 million tonnes.


I hope you will understand if I don’t “like” your post! Drax is Britain’s single largest emitter of CO2 as well as a poster child for biomass energy production gone wrong.


Protecting our most vulnerable: the rich, who simply can’t survive if they pay taxes.


The road to hell is paved with austerity?


If I’m reading right, the linked BBC article says

…closed to the public…
…although they will open for school visits.

…so maybe not completely lost?


It’s fucking hideous, man. My local authority is having to cut seventy million over the next three years from the department I work in. And that’s care of vulnerable adults, never mind museums. Our government is stuffed with corrupt, lying scum, who despise our very existence unless their relatives and old school chums cam make a profit from it.


Well, no wonder they aren’t making any money. They only have threads in two or three of the looms. When I saw them firing up the steam engine, I wondered if Jay Leno might have a spot for it in his garage.

Of course, for all its reputation as an evil workplace, this was one of the first job-killers of the industrial revolution. It put all the cottage hand-weavers out of business.

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This isn’t new news locally, and the museums have been kept open longer than planned because of the revelation (sorry; no citation) that ‘mothballing’ the museums in this way costs more than keeping them open - most of the same outgoings with no income, basically.

I don’t see the Council maintaining this situation for long (bearing this in mind), and expect full closure. There’s already been an appeal for private-sector help, which evidently hasn’t been enough.

Not sure how much I can complain - I’ve been in Lancaster for over 20 years without visiting the Judges’ Lodgings…

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Austerity kills the last steam-powered loom in the world

To the tune of

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