Australian comedian Jim Jefferies on guns and gun control

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This is a great bit. I saw him preform this at the Funny or Die Oddball comedy tour.

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Hot DAMN, another thread about gun control!!!


And after I posted this EXACT video in that one :smile:


I think i posted it as well in another thread. :smiley:


If you’d like to know more about Australia, gun control, and foreigners who just won’t go home, may I suggest this?


My first time seeing Jim Jeffries he told his Anne Frank Museum story at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago, but it wasn’t part of his act. He had done two shows earlier in the night and there was a burlesque show following him. When he found out there were going to mostly naked women on stage he decided to stick around. And drink. And drink. And drink.

Then the club owner tells him to get up on stage again, but he was too drunk to stand up, so he did the bit lying on his back.


No, it’s cool, we’ll just take down some of the Loser Flags (the battle standard of NV) and that’ll make everything A-Okay. I found the interview with Reid’s chief of staff to be the saddest part of those videos.

I had the best laughs in weeks with this guy.

It even makes up for the upcoming barrage of gun apologist with flashing new accounts and hordes of straw men.

MUSKETS! Oh, my!


Two of my friends, both of whom are very liberal and live out in the boondocks, own guns and claim it’s for protection. Except both of them leave their houses unlocked all the time, and in one case when a window broke in the middle of the night the guy came running but didn’t even bring his gun (the broken glass turned out to be just a random freak of nature, not an intruder, but he didn’t know that at the time.)

I live in the city, and have friends who have been mugged, or their houses that have been robbed, and in each case owning a gun wouldn’t have made a difference. I am not opposed to owning guns, but I have a hard time thinking of a real need for one other than hunting, or some kind of post apocalypse nightmare. I’m trying to imagine valid instances when owning a gun would legitimately be useful for protection, it usually involves carrying one loaded and ready 24-7 “just in case”, and that seems like wearing a helmet 24-7 just in case an anvil falls on you.


Thanks, very well said (especially the bit about the anvil!).

I had a friend who kept a loaded pistol in a cigar box beside his bed. I always imagined that the bigger possibility than that of shooting an intruder with it was a houseguest wandering into his room and finding the gun – say, a toddler – and doing who knows what with it. Someone invading his home while he was away also wouldn’t have had much trouble finding it.

He always just laughed away such concerns. I guess feeling protected by that nearby loaded gun was what mattered most to him, not a more accurate assessment of actual dangers.


For some reason, the way that Aussies (and Brits, and some Irish that I’ve met as well) casually use the word “cunt” (as in, “I wasn’t staring at the window for cunts with machets to come through”) just tickles me, every single time.


Nothing useful except to announce how much I love the line “I take drugs like a fucking champion”. Not just hysterically relevant, but finally some due recognition for us responsible and expert drug pilots.

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Except Jeffries lies on about 85% of what he said about Australian Gun Control. It’s harder, but not impossible to get guns. Many types of guns are still legal. They didn’t anything remotely close to “take away all the guns.” Mostly they improved licensing restrictions. The mass shooting he references (The Port Arthur Massacre) was horrifying - 35 dead, 23 wounded. More than Virginia Tech. And even with the gun control enacted, there have still been eight mass murders in Australia since.

My response to Mr. Jeffries is: Don’t try to sell good ideas with lies.

My responses to Mr. Jeffries on his hours and hours of vile, woman-hating and overtly misogynistic material in his acts are something else altogether. Not funny, just mean. And full of intellectual dishonesty across the board.

According to this this page, only two of the post-1996 mass murders were shootings, and they resulted in a total of five deaths. The others were mostly stabbings, bludgeonings and deliberately lit fires. I don’t suppose you’re accusing Jeffries of intellectual dishonesty because gun control laws didn’t stop people bludgeoning each other to death? Given that you seem to have conflated murders with shootings to make your point, it seems a bit ironic that you’re accusing him of lying.

Besides, he’s a comedian, not an academic. He was using hyperbole to get a laugh, not writing a thesis.



ZOMG did a new account spring up to make blithe assumptions, construct straw men, misinterpret data and formulate an erroneous opinion on all that bullshit in defense of ‘free mah gunz!’ only to be trounced by another fucking new account!

Good on yeh @numbat!


And that’s why I keep a loaded Taurus 65 in a lock box at the credit union. I had the same idea as Brian Griffin. If things get really bad, I have a way out. And the risk of my firearm accidentally hurting or killing anyone is zero.


Long time lurker here. It took a comment that egregious to make me create an account.