Australia's Goldman-Sachs Prime Minister quietly donated $1.75M to himself to secure his narrow win


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Well, I mean, at least he didn’t win via the Russians.


He didn’t win at all. He simply bought what he wanted. the disease of billionaires is that there is no limit to their lust for control of our world. There really is no need for any human being to have such obscene amounts of the toxic substance that excessive money becomes.


Yeah, I was originally going to say, “HA! Our billionaire made YOUR billionaire look like a fool!” but then I lose track of which billionaire is which. They all look alike to me.


So this is what it’s to be: plutocrats and autocrats doing their best to undermine liberal-democratic institutions. It’s a long road ahead.


Kind of like this?


It was no secret during the election, even if the BBC has only just picked up on the story.


Or this:


And this shady douchebag is the most palatable option the ‘Liberal’ Party has to offer by far…

Fuck these fucking fucks.


$1.75M AUS to swing a national election? Pikers. I think the competitive California Assembly race here in the East Bay not quite $5MM was spent between the two candidates and independent expenditures.


By Jove, I think you’ve got it! Good Show!


From July last year:

The only new part of the story is Turnbull’s decision to boast of his actions – “I bought the election fairly and honestly, not like my opponent who was beholden to donations from others!” – as if emboldened by Trump’s approach.

In other Australian news, the Murdoch press is now praising Turnbull’s courage and steadfastness for “standing up to Trump”.


Well, that invertebrate clearly can’t be Turnbull. It has more of a spine than he does.


$200k is a big donation. This is a record.


Turns out that structuring your political fundraising and advertising regulations to avoid excessive expense and public irritation does work. Our campaigns last a few weeks.


Cool> Good Point…same thing with our orange hemorrhoid now that I think about it…


He paid 1.75 mill to be pushed around by the right wing of the coalition for 3 years while pretending he’s not betraying his own ideals. Not really money well spent.

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