Malaysia’s prime minister accused of swiping $700 million from government investment fund

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Suspect viral marketing for Zoolander 2.

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I hope he didn’t spend it on shoes. That’s already been done in the Philippines.

There is plenty of corruption in the USA’s SEC, but at least there are mechanisms in place to prevent the government from just hoovering up whatever it wants from the private sector. This is a fundamental difference with most countries (China included) where the profits are whatever the government decides they want to let the private sector have to make them look good. I just don’t understand why people think investing in such “emerging markets” is a good idea.

700 million USD is a hell of a lot of money in Malaysia. I reckon it would be hard to hide.

I suppose that self-sabotage is a form of sabotage, though not the one you usually imply by saying you are the victim of sabotage.

On the plus side, grotesquely corrupt self-enrichment is arguably not a race-based distribution mechanism; and it is one popular across the entire spectrum of humanity that has enough power to get away with it…

That a member of UMNO made that comment should have rung alarm bells everywhere as soon as it was uttered. The Barisan Nasional coalition has been using race-based policy to redistribute wealth for years. So far it only seems to have been successful in changing the demographics of the nation, rather than creating conditions for success for all.

i know! ours only goes the opposite direction. :wink:

( as does the greece’s money it seems. according to al jazeera… almost 90% of the greek bailout money has gone straight to the banks! )

I think the word “swiping” is a bit tame for that amount of money. That is a word I would use if he took home some paper clips from the office.

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