Bloomberg's $34m presidential campaign ad-buy is 1.1% of the taxes Bernie, Warren and Steyer want him to pay

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I wish he Perot’ed it and ran as a third party.

Oh well.


Bloomberg’s politics are designed to be just bland enough to pass as nearly everything, and vague enough to avoid criticism. His policy approach in NYC was basically selling the city to luxury developers, just slightly less aggressively than Rudy.

I look forward to the permenantly vacant $4 million dollar condos we’ll be building in the Lincoln Monument.


Oligarchical Opportunist Michael Bloomberg

Also, scumbag trying to get richer than he already is. He’s much more dangerous to put in the WH because he’d never get caught unlawfully enriching himself.


Why, though? This way, presumably, when he loses the Democratic primary we don’t have to worry about him splitting votes from the Democratic nominee. This is not an election in which we should be wishing for more third-party candidates who are likely to appeal to dissatisfied subsets of the Democratic electorate.


Is it tumbrel o’clock yet?


Mike- do something useful with your money you’d spend running- donate it to help the homeless, or any number of other useful causes to humanity, and fuck right off after you’ve done that, so someone who can actually make a fucking difference for everyone can actually get elected and properly fix this fucking dumpsterfire called America.

K thx


I was thinking along these same lines. Why not give 5% (2.5 Billion) to finding a cure for cancer, or Alzheimer’s or any other number of seemingly unsolvable issues. 5% ! Imagine if every billionaire gave away just 5% to a worthy cause, or hell, just pay their damn taxes instead of paying shaky accountants to find loopholes or lobbyists to help get laws changed to save them money.
Hmmmm, sounds like Elizabeth Warren is on to something.
The world might be a better place.

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I am waiting for this to basically happen and for the heads of conservatives to explode en masse when if, someday, the rich actually use their fortunes to help Humanity and it does exactly that and everyone benefits and no one can argue against it.

But that will never happen because blind capitalism.

And because fuck you if you didn’t work for every single cent you gain and benefit from, because compassion or hardship is something only you yourself have to blame for :expressionless: /s

Conservatives think altruism means Trump’s strategy for selectively denying reality, but anything he says is true. They have no idea that there is a concept that allows for people to help each other in a social contract. It’s like the 5th Dimension to them, an abstract concept beyond their grasp


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