Here's Hoping Bloomberg Doesn't Run


So apparently another super-billionaire, Michael Bloomberg (former Democratic mayor of New York), is thinking of running for president. This piece is a great explanation of how terrible a Bloomberg presidency would be.

I didn’t realize just how much like a wealthy Republican this guy is! Here’s hoping he doesn’t manage to buy himself the presidency.

Can we all agree that this guy is a jerk? A smug upper-class billionaire who hasn’t got a clue what it’s like to work hard for a living and to raise a family? An uber-capitalist anti working-class pig wearing liberal-on-social-issues lipstick? A fake climate change advocate who doesn’t want to upset the industries that are profiting on mining, refining and selling carbon-based fuels like oil and natural gas.

Practially speaking, billionaire Bloomberg as Democratic presidential candidate in the current climate in America would probably go down to defeat, either to Trump, or if he’s gone by then, to just about any Republican. And if he were to win the White House, we’d all be screwed too, as he predictably would push for lower taxes for corporations, reduced regulation of his Wall Street banker friends, and more trouble in the MIddle East (Bloomberg has consistently supported Israel’s various repeated brutal assaults and murderous destruction of the ghetto internment camp known as Gaza, and billions of dollars of free US military aid to Israel).

If Bloomberg tosses his hat and his bottomless pit of money into the Democratic presidential ring it will be yet another Clinton-style disaster for the party, the nation and Mother Earth.







Bloomberg also has trouble…letting go. He pushed a rule change to give himself a third term as mayor. You know, for the health of the city’s economy. Also friendly reminder, that’s for a city of 8 million+ people, larger than a heaping handful of US states. Billionaires can’t help but see themselves in dictator chic.


I wouldn’t mind seeing him run as a Republican. Reportedly he hates loathes despises Trump, a primary battle would be an excellent platform from which to attack him.


That would at least be more honest.




Running or not he’s putting his money to good use.


Buying favors for later?


Trump didn’t win because he’s (supposedly) rich. Why do we think Bloomberg would?


Who said they think he would?


He’s a fucking DINO.


If he wouldn’t at least have a chance to win, why are we having this conversation? Are we bored?

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Because he’s the kind of candidate the Third Way Democrats would like, and they might think he can win. It seems to be close to impossible to get them to understand that Hillary could have won if she had moved to the left on economic issues, and that it wouldn’t have affected her views on social issues (which weren’t great, but were better than what we have now).


Ok, thanks. I think there are several ways Hillary could have won, but I don’t understand why that’s an issue in 2020.


There’s not much daylight between Wall Street Democrats and Wall Street Republicans. Most of the politicians Trump donated money to over the course of his career were Democrats. The Jared & Ivanka faction fighting for control of Trump’s White House basically fall into that category.


Hopefully it won’t be, but I can see the Third Way acting as if it is business as usual.


I see. What I fear is that backlash to Trump will lead to an extreme Left-Wing government that leads to a Right-Wing backlash and an extreme Right-Wing government in 2024. If the Dems can govern well with policies that are seen to benefit the majority, they can hold power for years. I don’t have complete confidence that will happen.