In leaked audio, Michael Bloomberg defends racial profiling: "throw them up against the wall"

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Normally, I would worry about this but we have a nazi in the white house. Yesterday Donald John Trump suggested that drug offender should be put to death. Put that into perspective.


Are you one of the people who gets thrown up against the wall? Twitchy cops often killed those kids. Trump has suggested killing a drug user- Bloomberg has actually done it through his policies.
Replacing one amoral monster with another amoral monster who’s smarter and more capable is not really an improvement.


Bloomberg can be fixed. Trump can’t. My guess is that if Donald John Trump is re-elected he will murder undesirable Americans soon after. I don’t think you understand the seriousness of this situation. We are talking about another American holocaust.


Democracy in the U.S. is long-since finished. Every shred of it is gone. Bloomberg might buy the election and then overturn term limits like he did for the mayorality. They way things are going, I would not be surprised. He is very much more frightening than Trump. If we think Trump has dictatorial tendencies, wait until Bloomy gets into office.


Oh Bloomy, you’re a man of the people, the 1% people.


My horse-race bet for 2020 is that Bloomberg will buy it.

The nomination? Strong probability, especially given how eager the DNC establishment is to accommodate him now that Biden is flaming out (they’d settle for Buttigieg, too, but a straight older white male billionaire is more electable in their eyes). Buying the presidency itself will be more challenging, though.

Bloomberg has the money, for sure, and has a reputation as a moderate law-and-order candidate. But in key battleground Electoral College states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania he’s seriously hobbled outside the big cities by his adamant pro-gun-control and pro-choice positions.

Stupid and self-defeating though it might seem to us, guns and abortion are more important issues to a lot of voters than the economy is.


I strongly disagree. You are not paying attention.


Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose on any outcome. Sure, Bloomberg might buy it, but the flipside is that Bloomberg might be way ahead in the polls when Trump offers China an opportunity to end the trade war if only they convict Bloomberg in absentia of some financial crimes and you end up with President Gabbard because Bloomberg thought they needed to balance their ticket with a young woman of colour to appeal to the progressives.


FUCK THAT. We can have both!

Both are pieces of shit. Period. Do not play false equivalencies or lesser of two evils bullshit here.


If Bloomberg wins the nomination you will not have a choice. You’ll have nowhere else to go. Tell that to yourself when you see Philippines style murder in the streets.

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WTF are you talking about?

First…there is no chance in hell Bloomberg wins the Democratic nomination.
Second, even if he did I have a choice…do you not know how the Presidential ballot works? There are not literally two names and that’s it.
Third…you started with a false equivalency, jumped to lesser of two evils, and now are doing a slippery slope. Exactly how many bad faith/illogical fallacies are you going to rope in here?


The ultimate question is: does America deserve better? After four years of the fat OLD Russian puppet, I say no. No, it does not.


We are not yet at the point where we have to choose between a Hitler and a Stalin.

There’s no need to talk up Bloomberg when there are several better alternatives leading him in the polls for the Democratic nomination.


Don’t let good be the enemy of perfect.


Don’t let one horrible bigot excuse another. Especially when we are currently in a position where we don’t need to choose a bigot at all.


I agree. But the stakes are so high I know there will be sacrifices. American lives are in danger.

Let’s just not be so quick to throw minorities on the sacrificial altar, yeah?