Clint Eastwood backs Mike Bloomberg

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Two reactions on my part:

1 “Ewwwww”

2 Well I hope this will help shake a few Republicans away from Trump.


Nice work Clint, that deep dive analysis has cleared everything up for me. Incivility is definitely the primary problem with Donald Trump’s presidency. :roll_eyes:

As for Bloomberg, I’m hopeful that his candidacy will soon be an empty chair, so a Clint Eastwood endorsement is right on brand.


Wealthy old white conservative endorses wealthy old white conservative for President. News at 11.

If Bloomberg does an independent run in response to Sanders being the Dem nominee, it could peel off a few moneyCons who care about “civility” and the “dignity of the office”. However, they’re a tiny group in comparison to the number of Third-Way Dems who’d split the vote by supporting Bloomberg over their own party’s nominee.


What would Clint do?

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What difference will this make when Bloomberg doesn’t get the nomination?

Where are all the RWNJs shouting about how celebs should STFU about politics? (I guess in Clint’s case, it’d be “Shut up and shoot someone.”)


this. My gut tells me history repeats itself. Sanders wins the Dem nomination, Bloomberg runs as an independent, and then pulls significant votes from Nostradumbass…all shades of 1992.


Clint Eastwood’s main qualification to make an endorsement of Bloomberg is that he is a noted coworker of orangutans.


Bloomberg has already committed his sizable fortune to back WHO EVER is the Democratic nominee. Bernie just needs to say yes to the money and trump will be toast.

I’m totally on board with Republicans moving to support Bloomberg as Democrats move to support Sanders.


Nah. Bernie’s already in the lead without saying yes to big money. Sometimes there’s more to winning than just having the most money.


Except that all of the Clintonian Democrats, like Carville, are scared of Bernie and maybe might go for Bloomberg, too.


No. Bloomberg is running to STOP Sanders or Warren from winning the nomination. That is his primary goal…his secondary goal is to get the Toddler in Chief out of office.

He, like all billionaires, cares about his own self interests first.

  1. Bernie didn’t become the favored nominee by rushing to sell out his principles
  2. If Bloomberg wants to spend his billions trying to take down Trump he is free to do so with or without Bernie’s blessing, just as he was during the 2016 election.

Transition from talking to an empty chair to shilling for an empty suit?


When was the last time anyone gave a hoot about what James Carville thinks? I honestly had to Google him just to confirm he’s still alive.

ETA: Ah, I see he’s on Fox News these days. So just dead to Democrats.


My brain was wondering why the political opinion of someone, famous for doing an OK job of pretending to be other people for entertainment purposes, is worth more than the opinion of any other person.
The only thing I can come up with is that it is a case of the halo effect in action at a large scale.

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A step down from the empty chair.

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It should be noted that in the ancient Roman republic it was prohibited for actors to hold any public office. The reasoning is that actors by the nature of their work are used to saying words that are not their own and expressing beliefs that are not their own. This would make it too easy for them to lie. It was also felt that their notoriety would be unfairly leveraged in the public debate.

These seem like okay reasons to me.