Billionaire Michael Bloomberg threatens to run for Democratic nomination if Biden drops

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Go ahead, Mike. Run. It will be fun to watch you get fewer votes than the wellness guru or the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.


I hope he types up his formal announcement in a Starbucks.


Dear Mr. Bloomberg,

You have lived a full life. You have accomplished many goals. Now you may rest content. It is time for you to retire to your giant pile of money and indulge in whatever hedonic pursuits your aged flesh still permits. Fade into history with a humble smile and grin, for life has been very very kind to you, and leave us mere commoners alone to eke out what we may. Let your legacy stand as it is lest further attachments to ego ruin what little shine it retains.



Thank God. Wealthy old white men are so catastrophically under-represented in US politics, we can’t afford to lose even one.




It’s not a party unless someone brings a piñata.


Yeah, nope. You can’t just jump in at this point. Everyone who’s even semi-serious about running in 2020 is already in the ring.

I’m pretty sure Bloomberg knows this, but he’s posturing for the media and the Biden campaign.


But it’s never too late (or too early!) for an obscenely wealthy white guy to scold the Democratic party about how they’re driving Regular Americans into the arms of the Trump GOP.

We’d be wise to listen–if there’s one person in the world who has his finger on the pulse of the Lunch Pail Larry and Soccer Mom Sallies of the world, it’s Michael Bloomberg.


didn’t he already join in the running and drop out? and now he wants back in again?


He’s not the only ultra-wealthy American who, whatever their political affiliation, is worried about Warren becoming the front-runner. If she ends up the nominee, as I hope she does, a lot of them are going to vote for (and quietly put their money behind) Biff in the general election.


Is he also joining the secret queue of people for the Republican race if Trump suddenly has a coup or stroke?


Does he think he’ll jump right to the head of the polls? This is a textbook case of showing up a day late and a dollar short.


Rumors and “reliable sources” have been pegging a Bloomberg run as a near certainty for years. He was gonna challenge Obama, he was gonna challenge Clinton, he’s always about to split the vote with a 3rd party run. He’s expected to announce on a specific date.

It never materializes. Cause the support isn’t there. He’s got a lot of money and a network of big money donors. But nationally he just doesn’t have any voters who give a shit. I suspect it’s internal polling that keeps killing his supposedly serious intentions to mount a campaign. He floats it to see what the interest is, and the consultants tell him not to bother.

He very publicly decided not to run. After very publicly not actually running but saying he might.

He did kind if the same thing in '16 very publicly announcing he wouldn’t be mounting an independent/3rd party bid because splitting the vote would be dangerous. After not actually doing anything to mount a campaign.

Most of those are probably gonna vote Biff anyway, and there’s a fair chance they voted for him in the first place. Even into Trump’s first year the line on him from the money set was that he’d obviously be better for the ecconomy because something something business man something GOP pro business something something.

And the demographics for his voters were rediculously wealthy.


Buttigieg and O’Rourke are as much hopeless vanity campaigns as Andy Yang

And Bloomberg will sink like a stone once he actually declares, just like Howard Schultz did


So what’s his “bumper sticker” case for the office?

Put a *real * billionaire in the White House? Okay - it has potential for trolling Trump - but not much more.

  • I can buy anything

  • This is a thing


They are already in circulation:


There’s no universe where Michael Bloomberg can get the Republican nomination. No one that hostile to the 2d amendment is going to get anywhere in the GOP process. If Trump somehow gets the hook, I think you end up with a whole bunch of Republicans claiming that they were never ever ever ever for Trump (Romney), a few that hold out the “I did what I could to serve my country and limit the excessess of Trump” (Nikki Haley, maybe Rick Perry), and several that claim to be the vanguard of Trumpism (Tom Cotton, most obviously). Not sure how Pence would play his hand since I just don’t see how he can appeal to the Trumpitariat in the same way. But Bloomberg? Not a chance.


Seems like that’s all the more reason to support Warren (that is unless you’re some sort of secret billionaire)[and no, I’m not counting all the temporarily disadvantaged billionaires that count themselves part of the TeaGOP.]