Bloomberg, polling at 4%, unlikely to affect race even as a spoiler

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LOL I suspected he would slide right into Beto’s old spot at “might make it past New Hampshire, but not Super Tuesday”


How about this scenario…

A Warren / Bloomberg pairing might be interesting.
In a “Only Nixon could go to China” thought process,
only a billionaire VP can push through Warren’s changes.

Here’s hoping.


Where the center is defined as a foot to the left of where the Republicans moved the survey stakes to.


So would a Spider-Man/Voldemort team-up; that doesn’t mean it would make any sense. They are basically from two different universes and have largely incompatible goals.


It’s about now that the debates are going to start acting as a filter for the Democratic candidates.

If you can’t attract enough donors and/or poll high enough to get on the stage, then at some point reality must kick in, even if only because the failing candidates run out of money.

By now, everyone but the top three should really be thinking of the winnable senate seats or state-level positions where they can best help to remove trumpists from power.


Down the road, cabinet posts probably shouldn’t be filled from the people who made it to Congress, definitely not from the Senate if the Democratic Party takes it.


Was this a one percenter poll or a rest of us poll?


Well now I’m interested.


Sad. Klobuchar deserves more support than that.

I suspect Bloomberg thinks that in a total Biden meltdown he would inherit Joe’s 30%. What he doesn’t understand is that this core Biden support isn’t from the wealthy, it is from people who are nostalgic for Obama. Bloomber has no chance at any of those votes.

We already have Steyer for that, plus Steyer already agrees with most of Warren’s positions.


Ah, but a Bloomberg/Warren ticket… I’m sorry, I can’t write that with a straight face.

I will say that I like Bloomberg better than the Starbucks guy whose name I am not going to bother to look up, but not as much as Steyer whose name I wouldn’t be able to spell if it wasn’t in the thread already.


I’d like to see a Patrick Starfish - Salacious Crumb ticket at some point. Dare to dream!


Charles M Blow says he’s a racist


There’s a time for moderation, and there’s a time for radicalism. This is a time for radicalism.

Back when the first gleanings of Trump-Russia started to appear, I naively supposed he would be tossed out in a bipartisan realization that Trump was unworthy to hold an office of public trust.

But his support has not wavered.

I think Democrats need to elect someone who can inspire the base with a persuasive and engaging argument for radical change. Not someone who wants to compromise with a bunch of crimelords.


I saw something trending on Twitter yesterday, people were saying that he’d do more for the country and the Democrats if he’d just buy Fox News instead of running for president.


Given the way that the Democratic primaries are structured, it’s pretty difficult for anyone to act as a “spoiler”. Delegates are assigned proportionally. If you get an outright majority, then you win the nomination on the first ballot; if you don’t, then there’s a brokered convention.

It isn’t winner-take-all like most states’ electoral votes, or some states’ delegate assignment in the Republican primary. You can’t win a Democratic primary on the first ballot with a plurality, only a majority. Splitting the vote can’t create a majority; a majority is, by definition, more votes than all the other candidates combined.

I suppose there could be a hypothetical case where Democratic Candidate #1 is looking at an outright majority of the vote, then Candidate #2 enters the race, siphons off some of #1’s votes, #1 doesn’t get a majority, and there’s a brokered convention. And then, on the second ballot, for some reason candidate #2’s delegates don’t line up behind Candidate #1 but instead everybody backs Candidate #3, and #3 gets the nomination. But…that’s an extremely unlikely scenario. Even if #2 is a much stronger candidate than Bloomberg.


This whole thing has the mark of Bloomberg being the mark more than anything else. And he’s rich enough to not really feel the bite that the consultants are taking out of him. Nowhere does this feel like there is any real energy in it, but a bunch of people hustling others for a paycheck and the billionaire too rich to care, as long as his ego is stroked.


You have to fight a billionaire Republican with a billionaire Republican.

That’s why you’re a Democrat- to elect Republicans.

Okay- I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for a moment.

Release all your tax returns now.
Explain how you’re going to divest your holdings.
Explain how a guy who owns so much - including media that will cover him - will eliminate any conflict concerns. Explain this for tax legislation.
Explain why you’re a Democrat- what about being a Democrat other than the fact that Republicans went full dark side do you support.
With your new values - what Republican policies did you put into place would you change now that you’re not a Republican?
The Democratic Party has become increasingly more progressive. How do your views represent that? How have your views become more progressive over the last ten years?


Hopefully, the Bumble B’s (Biden, Buttigieg, and BetoBloomberg) will beat each other into irrelevance trying to prove who’s the biggest Adult In The Room™ and who’s most whitebreadelectable.

I’m shocked it’s so high.

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