Autodesk makes huge trove of docs, training materials and 3D asset files available under Creative Commons


You just say Creative Commons, but CC has many very different licences. This one seems to be noncommercial. Does that mean, that when I learn stuff using these materials I cannot use what I learned commercially? (probably not, but still)

@doctorow you’ve got some character encoding errors in this post.

That would be tough to enforce. I’m sure that there are non-commercial restrictions on assets and such though.

I have to admit this is pretty surprising given their near monopoly of 3D and FX software. Autodesk really doesn’t need to do this, so good on them for seeing beyond the short term bottom line.

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It’s funny in light of Autodesk’s rivalry with “Your Own 3D Software”, Blender, which since 2006 pioneered high-profile ‘Open Movie’ work. Blender’s movies are made with f/loss tools, released as open content including all data assets licensed under CC-BY. A few years ago at SIGGRAPH, Autodesk had its booth under a giant banner that read “Don’t Blend In”. It’s SIGGRAPH time of the year again, and the Blender groups are packed, but there’s no Autodesk booth anymore.

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3dsmax might be great and all but Cinema4D is where it’s at. #justsayin

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