Impressive CGI of pool balls made with open source software


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Blender is an awesome suite of 3d tools. I highly recommend to anybody who’s interested in 3D to grab a copy and go forth and create. Free software that is on par with the best.


this is just an excuse to show off my cg timelapse:

i will say that blender is free and has a great renderer (cycles is available for c4d) but the interface is awful and i found it unusable.


What devilry is here? A nice 3D toolset like this that is: free/open source, has support for my aging 10.6.8 Mac, in only a 460MB footprint? All this and Roger Ailes is dead?

I 'member using Crystal TOPAS in the early '90s – required jacked hardware (TARGA board!), had a software protection fob you had to keep plugged into the LPT port (which took me about 45 minutes to defeat, but anyway), and cost $10k.


with costs for Autodesk Maya rising from $50/month (paid yearly) to $125/month I’ve been thinking more about Blender.


That lego video pays exquisite attention to the detail of the shapes, yet completely ignores the actual, official color pallette. The end result looks more like a candy than the toy. Harumph!


Let me put a good word in for Sidefx Houdini. For anyone with a programmer mindset, it is phenomenal. I’ve been using it on and off again since version 3 back in 2000. There’s a free version, Apprentice, but it is watermarked and limited in render size. The Indie version though is, I think, fully featured and only a couple hundred bucks (though again limited to non-commercial work). For tinkering or training yourself up, that’s good value. Houdini is a marketable skill if you want to go spend long stressful hours in a VFX studio for relatively little pay and no job security :wink:


maya won’t love you the way cinema4d will love you. join us.


I use Blender a lot for designing and rendering public art proposals. I’ve come to quite like it… though I still can’t quite recommend it, not without caveats. The learning curve is fucking intense. But, hell, it’s free!


Blender used to be proprietary, but when its owner company went bankrupt its creators organized what we would call today a crowdfunding in order to set it free. I’m not sure there’s an earlier example.


I could not agree more.

Blender’s flaws are related to a mild case of open sourcitus. I liken it to learning a language where not all of the verbs conjugate the same. For me, it are worth the effort.


Blender + Shapeways = Custom Parts for Model Railroad. :relaxed:


I’ve already made the switch


Every couple of months, I download the latest Blender and try to run the BMW benchmark with OpenCL on my Mac. And it hasn’t worked so far…


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