Automated reception kiosks are a security dumpster fire

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Automated reception kiosks are a health hazard.

In a doctor’s office, unless it’s submerged in that stuff barbers keep their combs in, not going to touch it.


How about airports & train stations?

This is the very reason I do not give my ID to anyone with a scanner (except the passport handlers at the airport, or when filing an i9 form). The physician I visit thankfully is a Luddite who’s only concern is medicine. Automated reception kiosks are easy to avoid. My main concern about security at the moment is all the facial recognition out there. My city submits all driver license photos since last year to the facial recognition system (likely licensed to them by amazon), which I have been lobbying for them to direct all that bullshit to /dev/null & delete the system of record. City doesn’t need to know where everyone in the whole goddamn city goes and does. It’s not like they’re using that to deter crime, they probably sell the data to advertisers.

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