Autopsy of a sea monster




From the article:

We collected many other biological samples to share with colleagues around the globe to study the physiology, morphology and ecology of this species.

This reminds me of that old tale about the four blind philosophers examining an elephant and coming to different conclusions that were correct but limited. Except this is one of many examples of how now the tale’s been turned on its head. Instead of their conclusions contradicting each other they’re contributing to a greater whole.


Which in turn reminds me of S. Gross’s “An Elephant is Soft and Mushy”.


Necropsy, Maggie, not autopsy.

/used to date a research vet.


They call themselves researchers?
C’mon, what does it taste like? Should I be investing in harvesting some oarfish caviar?

Strange Things Scientists Eat and Drink From Their Research | Extreme Eating | LiveScience


Eat what you research? Glad that never caught on in human medicine.
Although, now that I think of it - I never saw my appendix after they removed it.

@crenquis: thanks for the link, sparked some ideas:

Business Idea #1: prehistoric ice cubes from antarctic core samples to sell to rich idiots for their drinks
Business Idea #2: dog food with bioluminescent ingredients - you could see the turds in the dark


I prefer Mammoth Chunks TM brand ice cubes.

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