Rare "saber-toothed" whale washes up on LA's Venice Beach


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I’m sorry, but the happy-looking woman pointing to the dead sea-mammal leaves me a little cold. We could have done nicely without her.


Autopsy is only for humans; autopsy implies looking at yourself or your species. A post-mortem exam of an animal is a necropsy. It is the law! Only a Stejneger’s Beaked Whale can do an autopsy on a Stejneger’s Beaked Whale. Yes, it is important!


Yes , she does look a bit chipper, considering.
But hey, its Californa: perhaps her face is so full of botox that this is what the lady looks like when shes feeling quite sad…

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Rare Stejneger’s beaked whale are to dolphins as the rare Long Horse is to horses.

Venice Beach, no less. Contact high is more likely.

Actually looks a lot more like a bullet wound than a shark bite.

Given that the young woman is the Aquarium Director I think we can give her a break for being attractive. http://www.healthebay.org/about-us-2

It’s probably disturbing because it’s eerily similar to pictures with Lynndie England in them.

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It wasn’t the attractiveness, it was the strange glee in juxtaposition of a dead creature.

Can you imagine how much work it was to get that thing from the surf to the bed of that truck? And how horribly slimy and stinky that work was? I’m guessing the glee was of the “fuck yeah we’re done!” variety. Besides, its just a whale. If you spend a lot of time around the ocean you see dead creatures all the time. If you had her job and got emotionally devastated over every dead whale, sea lion, seal or dolphin you’d probably be pretty miserable.

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I guess, fair enough. Still, looks a tad freakish.

That a whale has died isn’t necessarily a cause for sadness. It happens to all whales sooner or later. From a scientific standpoint having a chance to study a rare species is indeed cause for excitement, especially when there’s no reason to feel guilty about the way the whale died. I’d cut the woman a break.

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Jeezusfuck man, could you stops putting dead bodies on your front page?


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