How to: Euthanize a whale


Given what’s going on in Taiji right now it’s nice to see at least some humans can do things to cetaceans humanely. Pity they can’t un-beach them all :frowning:

We can move buildings, large trees, large cactuses, and large machine parts, and we can storm beaches with mechanized equipment from as small as a single-seater to the size of a huge hovercraft.

Seems that a little bit of funding would go a long way toward not having to euthanize whales all that often.

I can’t view the article, the website keeps forcing me to access the version of the site, which doesn’t have this article on it. Fail!

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How long until certain State Legislatures redefine some terms?
Death Row = Beach
Prisoner = Whale
European companies cut off US supply of death penalty drugs - Boing Boing

It’s better than the alternative! (note, this is post-expiration, of course)

Anecdote… I worked with the fellow that originally digitized this. I grew up in Oregon, and can totally believe the thought processes involved.

Edit: They don’t mention it in the video… but it didn’t end up working! They still had to bury tons of the remains.


We can’t do anything of that without notice, though.

Thinks it’s a good idea:

I wonder if something like the spinal lance that they use for whaling in the Faroe Islands would be useful. That one seems to be very specifically aimed at pilot whales though.

Edited to add: do not try to google image search for “spinal lance whaling” unless you want to see a lot of pictures of dead whales. Ick.

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