Has the whale exploded yet?


Oh, I’m sad to see a blue whale dead. There are not enough of them left. Fun fact: this is the largest known animal in the history of the Earth (larger even than any of the dinosaurs).

Oh, and this one is so tiny. It must have died very young.

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I gather the disposal problems come from different jurisdictions saying it is not our problem. However undignified it might be - couldn’t you just put some venting pipes into the body?

How would you attach them without having a seam open up and rapidly decompress? For something like concrete you might be able to do something like drill some holes for an anchor plate, attach the plate (with a hole in middle), plaster around the edges (or use glands), and then weld on a pipe with an isolation valve that you can insert your drill into to start the process. I’m not quite sure anything like this has been developed for an animal. Maybe you could shave off some of the skin, mate a contoured plate with lots of glue, and then drill in a vent through the isolation/throttle valve? It might work. Or the glue might break off and the entire whale would explode.

My recommendation: dynamite. The Oregon whale explosion showed what was above the upper acceptable limit for dynamite per whale. Use just a little less. Or more (maybe there is more than one range for acceptable limits). What I’m saying is that we need to experiment with dynamite every chance we get. For science.


I will.

Boom goes the dynamite blue whale (eventually).

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Not sure i should turn my brain to the various possibilities.

Btw the photo doesn´t get updated. It´s been the same one for the last three updates, which is pretty lame.

Bye-bye, Mister Splashy Pants.

Difference in scale, of course, but here in the hinterlands we see a lot of dead raccoons swelling by the roadsides in summer. I figure one of these days I’ll driving past one at the critical moment…

Not sure if it’s actually larger than it was yesterday, but that thing looks terrible.

Would dead raccoons survive scavengers long enough to bloat up and explode? I never see them anything other than completely torn apart when I see them dead on the side of the road.

Nope, probably no big bada boom… Looks like it has developed a slow leak instead.

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