Autozone is the one true Zone


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“What’s this line on the budget here, Sam?”

“Oh that is lawyer retainers.”

“What do they do?”

“Well if someone sues us or we need to sue someone or do some legal work, they are on retainer to help us.”

“Great, who is suing us?”

“Uh, no one.”

“Well who are we suing?”

“Uh, no one that I know of?”

“You mean we are paying people to sit on their ass in case we need them? Call them up and tell them I want a dozen people sued by the end of the week! Lazy sum-of-bitches!”


Interesting, as Radio Shack was the one true Shack, which is why the company once known as “Auto Shack” changed their name.


Something from 36 years ago that may be useful: Computerland vs Microland. This “suffix is a trademark” BS has to stop.

EDIT: Er, 31 years ago. I can’t brain this afternoon.


My thoughts exactly. I remember shopping at AutoShack, and for years after it changed I still thought “AutoZone” sounded weird.


First, they came for our Velcro and our Olympic Pizzas…


WTF?! Do corporate types assume that everyone is as stupid as they are?


In the zone.
Zone Alert.
Demilitarized zone.
Sky zone.
Zoned out.

Zone THIS!






iThink you have a point.


Autozone is lost in the ozone.


You could argue it’s CycleZ one. The number one place for your bicycle needs. Nothing to do with zones. But why does Autozone hate America?


They’ll have to pry my calzone from my cold, dead hand.



Interesting considering “radio shack” was a generic term before it was a store.



The Hamms need to change their name to CYCLE Shack :sunglasses:


But your hand will still be warm from the calzone.