Awesome 5-star solar system with two contacting pairs found


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As I kid I wished our planet had multiple moons - probably from watching Land of the Lost. I thought it would make for a great tide chart.


Reminds me of Isaac Asimov’s “Nightfall.”


Exactly. And somewhere, Isaac is smiling!


Science always winds up cooler than fiction.


Man I’d hate to live the planet in between those suns.


If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out the pictures of Pluto. No longer is it a blob of color, we now have some defined features.


I know, right? All there is to do in a place like that is farm moisture and bullseye wamprats from your T-16.


I’m hoping the mission managers will turn NH around for a long shot of the inner solar system, ala Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot photo once the spacecraft passes Pluto. Can’t wait for the closeup shots to come down!


This is where the new money stays, I’m booked into the 6 star system down by the nebula shore, muuuch more classy.


That contraption will never work. Come back in a million years, those stars will be all over the place, and I’ll say I told you so.


So… what sunscreen SPF should I bring?


This is why I have less belief in “impossible” than a creationist does in evolution


Reminiscent of the 'Verse from Firefly.


I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.


50, 40, 30, 25 and 15. :wink:


Eight, but put it on sideways. :grinning:


To be on the safe side, all of them.


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