Awesome dad transforms infant daughter's sleep-suit into NASA astronaut space-suit


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Every baby needs dis.


able to withstand hard vacuum with ungloved appendages? - brain-melting cuteness ray? - a l i e n


not sure, I like this alien sleep-suit - even more spacey


The helmet is shopped?


you’re questioning the helmet but not the space walk?

: P


No, I’m a dad, I know babies get into everything.


To be fair, how could you look at that and NOT see a NASA space suit? :wink:


soooo… he slapped 3 patches on it?


You’re complaining? Let’s see your space suit, Buzz.


Suit needs an @Brainspore 's poo monkey.


ha! I’m nowhere near winning the “Awesome Dad” title… you can ask my kids…


We used one of these to avoid the “infant startle” (anither of thos weird biological quirks you just don’t hear about until you have a baby) too, and i can attest, a built in waste removal mechamism would be most welcome. Geting a baby in and out for diaper changes is challenging. Also some kind of temperature contol system would be nice, these things are necessary in summer, but are like a superdiesel snowsuit, amd our baby inherited the sleep sweats from her dad…


You’re just three iron-on patches from owning a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug.


I’m just trying to stay ahead of the dishes and laundry.


I was enjoying reading this story until I noticed that this was his daughter and then I was sad because I then knew that she would only be able to go 7/10th the way into space.

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