Look at this spaceship bunk bed a dad made for his kid

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awesome!!! super dad win.


Darn it. Once again, I am shown to be a horrible dad who doesn’t love his kids. :frowning:

This is awesome.


Parent of the year award goes to…


“I can pinch you anywhere in the house with this!”

(Actual quote, my son as a very young child. I used to let him play with a 1950s oscilloscope and one of my friends asked him what the machine did.)


kids go to bed on time, but now dad hears ion cannon and tie fighter passes for the next 6 hours coming out of his kids room. Preschooler now gets less sleep than a teenager, bites all the kids at daycare because he cant control his mood on account of his sleep deprivation.


I’d love to see the plans for just the console and electronics. The plans for the whole thing are $100 (!)

That boys smile…that’s the greatest thing going. To have helped put that smile in place has to be one of the finest feelings in the world. Earning a kids smile just about beats anything I can think of. Good show dad, your little Captain Kid must feel great.


Yeah. I may be a shit dad, but my kid sleeps.
[Momentarily feels better about self.]

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My dad made some cool stuff for me when I was a kid but this here is really special!

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It’s good for kids when they grow up in a home where stuff is made. You learn so much that will be very useful later in life, without even noticing that you are learning.


All the sounds are controlled via Raspberry Pi.

But couldn’t you do the same job simpler with a wiring harness?

I must say, the headphones and mics make this go from just awesome to super cool!

I’ll be “that guy” and mention that he says the power is on a timer that turns it off at night.


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