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Continuing the discussion from GeekDad speaks out about Gamergate:

Following on from the Awesome Songs thread, I thought it might be fun to share some of our favourite cinematic offerings.

Please try to avoid spoils where possible and lets try to think about less well known titles.

My esteemed colleague @Marilove had this to offer about “Death to Smoochy”


Re-jiggered footage from 1982 Horror flick The Entity. Much, much more unsettling than the original:

we more or less have this thread? it’s themed as over-rated and under-rated films, but in effect it’s about awesome films:

it has been dormant for quite a while, so starting this one may not be a bad idea. but worth a read to see some great mutant suggestions.


My own (first) contribution is the very first “horror” film I ever watched when I was about… 7 or 8 I think.

The Monster Club

An anthology picture (very popular in British cinema at the time, think the Twilight Zone movies) telling the stories of a community of monsters and their relationships, with the framing device of a swinging London nightspot. Vincent Price, Donald Pleasence, and Britt Ekland, and the cheesiest soundtrack you’ve heard.

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Good call. There is a summary list most of the way through that thread:

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Wow, I’ve seen this one before but can’t imagine where I would have come across it.

Always room for more discussion about films we love, I say.

Super Troopers is my go-to movie when I really need lots of big, feel-good laughs. One of the best opening scenese EVER, imo .

However, one of my most memorable movie-watching experiences was watching Dumb and Dumber while coming down from a really nice magic 'shroom trip. I have never laughed so hard. It was the best.

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ALSO! Another great dark comedy, Bad Santa. Both John Ritter and Bernie Mac were in this movie. I’m still sad about both of their deaths (Bernie Mac died on my fucking birthday, that was a terrible birthday). Anyway. Love this movie. It’s the perfect time of season for it, too!

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That was unexpectedly funny for me. I can’t get excited for the impending sequel, but man I had some big ol’ laffs at the first one. And to this day I have trouble seeing Jeff Daniels in any serious roles. George Washington in The Crossing, Lt. Col. Chamberlain in Gods and Generals, Sig Mickelson in Good Night, and Good Luck… I can’t help but picture them all having explosive diarrhea.

I didn’t mention it in the previous thread, but I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere what my favorite werewolf movie is. Since it’s around Halloween, after all.

In the same week, I saw Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers and (what I think was) Eric Red’s Bad Moon. They both contain scenes wherein a couple in a tent is menaced by a werewolf, but their approaches are miles apart. Where Eric Red shows the couple in the tent, and a looming shadow of the werewolf appears on the wall of the tent before the creature commences tearing the tent (and its occupants) apart, Marshall goes a much less obvious way. His couple is making out, and the gentleman slowly unzips his wife’s zipper… but then the zipping sound continues after he’s reached the end of her zipper. They turn in confusion to see the zipper of their tent being slowly unzipped. And only then do the hairy arms reach in and seize her legs to drag her out.

Dog Soldiers was made for a small budget and shot in Luxembourg (standing in for Scotland), but man is it effective. Highly recommended if, like me, you love werewolf movies and realize just how painfully few of them are any damn good.

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Plus, it has Sean Pertwee in it and he’s always awesome.

I love Dog Soldiers, and the first half of The Descent.

Neil Marshall directed the recent pilot of Constantine, too.

I thought you preferred Ginger Snaps, though?

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Nope, though Ginger Snaps (at least the first one) is perfectly peachy as well. I really like it, though I always feel a sense of competition with it. Back in '96 I started work on my first unproduced screenplay about a 15-year-old girl who discovers she’s a werewolf, and I always felt Ginger Snaps staked out territory too close to what mine was about, with many key differences, but still… there might have been a sense that my story (if ever produced) would be too similar to Ginger Snaps (though it really isn’t).

That said, I would have done many things differently, but Ginger Snaps is still great fun.

And also the two big heavy battle-intensive episodes of Game of Thrones. The guy does keep working, which is a small miracle after Doomsday.

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I can’t be arsed to go back through that older thread, but off the top of my head, here’s a few more obscure films I like, but I suspect they won’t be that obscure to happy mutants.


Haven’t seen the final three, but based upon your exquisite good taste with Bubba Ho-Tep and Kung Fu Hustle, I shall run, not walk, to watch the rest!

Speaking of Coscarelli and Lansdale, who collaborated again on a Masters of Horror episode entitled “Incident On and Off A Mountain Road,” one of the niftiest little horror movies (that turned out to have more political and emotional heft than you’d think any hourlong made-for-TV zombie horror movie could or should command) was another episode called “Homecoming,” directed by Joe Dante and written by Sam Hamm, based on Dale Bailey’s short story “Death and Suffrage.” Even the New Yorker called it “the best political film of 2005,”


May I recommend

@Donald_Petersen, Kronos is one I’ve never seen all the way through, perhaps tonight! Did you see The Devil’s Backbone? First del Toro Film I saw and it’s [ahem] haunted me ever since.

I have two semi-obscure movies that get shown to new friends as a sort of gauge to see how much we sync up…

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So, pick your poison?


…or I’ll have to let the boys in!

To be honest, Capt. Invincible isn’t a great movie. Or really very awesome. It’s more a “holy shit this actually got made?” sort of experience with some fun songs and some really funny moments, and some people love discovering that sort of thing, while others run screaming.

Forbidden Zone, on the other hand, is genius.

Well, maybe if Richard O’Brien had written all of the songs it could have reached greatness.

Absolutely. Although the President’s song is eminently quotable in the right context.

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