Awesome nonprofit Wings of Rescue: pilots donate flights to take euthanasia-bound dogs and cats to adopting homes


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What’s your pet’s carbon footprint?


Smaller than her adorability matrix. As I used to say, while scritching her ears, “Who’s my sucker wolf? who enjoys a higher standard of living than ~the bottom 2 billion people? Who’s so much cuter than the bottom ~4 billion? That’s right, my dog monster!”


I’ve heard from several sources now that California is exporting it’s homes pets to Washington and Oregon, and I have to wonder if it’s simply that it’s a more populous state (with humans) or if it’s doing something different from its neighboring states, that generates such a surplus. Usually in many other ways, I see California leading the way, not trailing.

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Makes me want to go adopt a kitty right now.

Must… restrain… self…

If only we loved people this much.

We do. Well, some of us do. That’s why there are things like the Royal Flying Doctor Service, CareFlight and various other aeromedical charities. Nice to see a similar thing for pets.


Angel Flights are in the same spirit, but for people.


As horrible as this may sound, this is an enormous waste of resources. Perhaps not for the individual dogs that are saved, but for each dog that they spend $$$ on doing this, numerous other dogs are euthanized in shelters. Like it or not, how long any animal has to be adopted when they get to a shelter is a financial game. Is there enough $ to advertise and encourage the general public to adopt. Is there the $ for space, food, cleaning and care crews for shelters, not to mention veterinary care and all the other expenses?

The money spent on jet fuel on a single dog could likely get a number of healthy pups adopted…

It may seem cruel and heartless to point this out, but I write this as a veterinarian who has worked with rescue groups for well over a decade. As much as you may end up loving one shelter pet, you’ve got to be pragmatic and keep the greater good/bigger picture in mind.

If you don’t like this, then donate time or donate money or really anything to your local shelter and rescue groups.

These people are doing a good thing, but IMHO it’s kind of like taking a single hungry kid to Nobu for sushi when you could have taken the $ and bought dozens of sandwiches for dozens of hungry people instead.


No it’s not.
I don’t think you read the article.

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Often these flights are going to happen anyway for qualification flight hours, often flying somewhere just to eat a snack out of a vending machine and coffee. Quite a few pilots would love to do something useful with their flight hours, especially when working towards post private license.

This happening while on final for landing would be my nightmare.

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Quite a few pilots would love to have someone else fund their flight hours by covering operating costs, especially when flying relatively high-performance aircraft.


I suspect that this is perhaps a bit of that too, every civil pilot with hopes of advanced licenses is searching for any scam to get air hours for free, some join the navy/USAF and trade a few years of their lives playing with supersonic fighters for easily enough hours to get their ATP.

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How odd. My cat’s name is Monster. How old is the dog? My lawyers want to know.

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She was 14; but died last spring. No need to worry about ongoing infringement.


Have you met people? Uhg!

I hear you. My reaction is because of all the homeless, sick, and unemployed I see around me. This system is broken.

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