Awesome Win10 update

I’m at work right now, and the office computers warned last night of a super-awesome update. Now my machine has been stuck booting for an hour and a half. Thanks, Microsoft! Anybody else have this issue? Break out the breakfast bourbon.


Any update going back to XP caused problems like that with the office machines. You can only test so much. Surprise you got the magic machine this time.
Breakfast bourbon is a good solution. The machine is probably gonna get nuked from orbit now.


Na, update, it took almost 3 hours to install and restart. Problem solved until next time.


Those were my favorite updates at work… well they are paying me to wait around for this, what is nearby for coffee?


That’s how it used to be. It took 18 to 20 minutes to compile a simple little program.

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I’m with @TobinL on this: you got paid for those 3 hours.


True but just barely. I get paid high school wages when I’m not actually selling stuff.

Still last I checked barely is still greater than zero.

I’m currently at zero so…

I don’t know if your problem was related(Windows Update has so very many quirks up its sleeve); but the timing makes Microsoft’s recent release mixup seem like a possible suspect.

If there was a prior warning, it could also have just been one of the ‘feature’ updates(like 1607 or 1703); those take ages to install if you don’t have a nice fast disk; and nontrivial amounts of time if you do. Particularly if your stock business-class antivirus is grovelling over everything they do during the entire operation.


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