Microsoft's best Windows 10 customers bear the brunt of the latest license glitch

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In my opinion, Win 10 is actually the best Microsoft operating system yet. It is also my opinion that Windows sucks giant donkey balls and nobody should run it for any reason, ever. Windows is terrible in a technical sense, but even more so in a moral sense.

But yes, Win 10 is the least suckiest version.


I have several laptops I use for video/conference production and Windows 10 scares the shit out of me.

I think I’ve turned off all the automatic updates but then in the middle of really needing it, a laptop will decide to reboot and install something, tick tock, tick tock. It is maddening.

So now before a gig I have to boot each system and hope it takes the latest update and keeps working … during shows I do my best not to connect anything to the Internet but sometimes the PowerPoint laptop needs to be online and I just hold my breath that it won’t spontaneously update while feeding the screens.

I’ve got enough stresses during a show to deal with…


Between this and the October Update to Windows 10 that had to be pulled because it had a nasty habit of deleting people’s entire user directory, it really feels like Microsoft is coming apart at the seams lately.


I had Windows 10 set to ask me about any update. It would ask me at least once a day about updating the malware detection, but that was okay. That was how I wanted it, and that was how I set it.

Since the last update, that’s stopped. Looks like my canary is dead and it’s time to, once again, set things how I want them on my machine, even if I have to go to the registry.

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