Windows 10 previewed




Does this mean that the Mac will finally go to OS11 (or OS XI) to beat the numbering?


They’re missing out on not calling it Windows X.


An IT guy once told me, “Never buy the even-numbered version of anything.” Since Windows 10 is really Windows 9 I guess it would be safe to go with it.

As far as needs, though, I only ask that it not be anything like Windows 8.


Because Windows 9 is already pre-sucked?


I’m sure it’ll make your computer run faster, run all your games better, and give you more power over your applications.

Just like the advertisements during the installation of every version of Windows have claimed it will do.

(That always annoys me… Yes, I know your marketing claims. I’ve already bought the software. I’m in the process of installing it. You can stop advertising to me now! It doesn’t help that the usual reason things run faster is because the system requirements were higher for the new version.)


For what it is worth, you might not have to buy it at all. Apparently Windows 8 users are getting a free upgrade to Windows 10.

I’m probably going to take Microsoft up on their offer. While I don’t find Windows 8 to be unusable or fundamentally broken, it does have a number of annoyances that are supposed to be cleared up with Windows 10.


From someone who still uses XP on my machines (except the internet machine, which is W7) stripped back to look like W98, I think my Windows days are done.


I don’t care what they call it, just wish they made it easy to dual boot linux.


Tiles that are resizable… So, a window? Also the “multiple desktops” are a complete rip of Plasma Activites (KDE).


Apparently Windows 8 has been absolutely terrified of Windows 7 for a while now. Apparently a few months ago Windows 7 8 9!

…which explains why they had no choice but to skip a version.


Smart… preemptively avoiding all those “WINDOWS? NEIN!” jokes that everybody was going to make. (For certain values of “everybody.”)


Yup. Sure. And in no wise will it continue the trend in UI ‘design’ of HIDING ALL THE FUCKING BUTTONS. No sirree.


InfoWorld predicted this last April 1.


Well you could search the web for how to do the thing you want to do, IF YOU COULD FIND THE FUCKING BROWSER!

But srsly, I heard the only way to access your files in Windows X is by digging the files out of sector-blocks through the minecraft interface,


That’s precisely my set-up too, though my plan is to stick with WinXP/Win7 indefinitely. I really don’t see the point of ‘upgrading’ something which still works.


The guy I work for has a Win8 machine. Dear god, it is awful. ALT-F4 brings up display options, for fuck’s sake. Why?


It’s like these back-pain pills I take sometimes. They’re “extra strength”, not recommended for children, and it gives the adult dose as “two tablets”. Wait a minute…


They sound good to me. What’s four of 'em like?


Buttons? Just give me my $%$#@! menus back!

No, it’s much more “intuitive” to take up screen real estate with a selection of context-free icons at all times, even if most of the time the function or application you’re looking for won’t be there and you’ll have to go hunting anyways. All that confusing text laid out in a contextual tree with quick keyboard shortcuts must go!