Awkward scientific acronyms


“CuNTs should be observed in free-standing and tip-suspended conditions”

I would get a sore neck if I tried this


I laughed so hard! 3 < n < 6!

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I recently got a notice from the office email server that my message to the boss had been flagged and deleted because of “inappropriate content,” apparently because I used the word “snatch” (as a verb).

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Christ, what a copper nanotube.


LOL.This sounds, well, like if you guys work in a preschool environment. Not as teachers, but as pupils.

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I once had a guy say something like “penis” to me in the elevator. Turns out he was reading PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) off my bag and wondering what the acronym was for.


There are people who not only don’t get why this is funny, but who will be downright offended. This illustrates a fundamental divide in our society and underscores how much we NEED these people. It’s all about the schadenfreude.


There is a building near my train line that has the name W.R. Gay on the business sign. I like to imagine a fourteen year old version of myself yelling DOUBLE YOU ARE GAY as some kind of response to being called gay every time I go past it (twice a day, five days a week; yeah I should grow up).

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A lot of text input boxes on web pages use open source software code called the FCKeditor. - those being the dude that wrote the code’s initials. I think he changed the name of the editor not too long ago, possibly because it’s a tad awkward.

I am pleased to see that Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names is still around after all these years, awkward-URL, comic-sans, and all.

The arsole remains most memorable, though I wouldn’t mind having a vial of fucitol on hand.

“Boy, that’s a nice PNAS bag you have there!”

Hey, this is boingboing, not Annals of Improbable Research! Send these abbreviations over to Marc Abrahams!

I propose that with the aid of proper funding and we may probe these CuNT’s with our PENIS (Proton-Enhanced Nuclear Induction Spectroscopy)


I’m guessing most people know this, but the default File System ChecKer in unix systems is abbreviated on the command line to fsck.
This is a valid series of commands:
unzip, strip, touch, finger, grep, mount, fsck, more, yes,fsck,fsck,fsck,umount, sleep 10 Sin

I’ve also seen this acronym for copper nitrotetrazoles. As my wife said, this is a sure sign of a field with more men than women.

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