Swearing associated with honesty, say scientists


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Fucking right it is!


I have to say I try to be pretty fucking honest…


Dayum, this here study is the shit!


I politely disagree.


They first asked a group of 276 participants… how honest they were in different situations

Brilliant question to ask a bunch of liars.


So this is what my last boss was saying when he told me I’m too honest


Who are? What are you hiding? Who do you work for?


Still, the habitual liars of Georgia (49% integrity) sure talk sweet (36% swears).

Well now, bless your heart.


That’s what I’d expect from a bunch of mother-loving bug-jumping ivory tower secular liberal piled-higher-and-deeper know-it-all lily-livered soft-handed book readers.


Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.


Darn it. So, does that make me dishonest? Geez Louise.


Clearly, you’re lying.


Hilariously bad research. Read the paper. (Includes hilariously amateurish computer code!)



Highway Scientists Chatting in Georgia:

Scientist 01: "Fuck! These motherfucking concrete numbers just don’t add up!"
Scientist 02: "Who gives a fuck? Just fake it."
Scientist 01: “Yeah, right! Fuck 'em!”


Darn Canadian


Holy Shit, I’m Abe Lincoln!


Exactly. If they counted ‘bless your heart’ for what it really means…


“Again, they found that honest people were more likely to use profane language.”

By that reckoning, I’m a really, honest guy!