Awsome old footage of Mark Pauline blowing stuff up in a San Francisco parking lot

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Yup, awesome!

Up here at the pointy end of the timeline, I’m simultaneously awed and appalled that something so reckless was ever allowed to take place.

Burning things, projectiles, explosives, heavy thing on castors with no brakes parked on a slope, traffic, passers-by! Literally not a single safety precaution!

As much as I love it, I can’t help but feel that this is the spiritual predecessor of latter-day gender reveal explosive extravaganzas…


now that was some quality TV right there. the giant pitch fork was my favorite part.

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I’m thinking the occupational health and safety officer was off duty that day

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Post show, Monte Cazazza just would not stop firing the exploding dart gun

Exploding what now? Tell me more!


wow - Super Young Mark - with all his fingers

Its been too long since I’ve seen any awesome SRL performances.

for them of ya not familiar? here’s a good list of links


Mr. Pauline still had all his digits* in this footage. Kids, be careful at home!

*(Not for the squeamish)


My benchmark for this sort of thing is still Ant Farm’s Media Burn.

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And this is tame by SRL standards.


This type of stuff was par for the course in the early 60’s on cleveland television

I saw a show that they did in the 80s at the On Broadway that was basically them firing harpoons into hogs heads that were mounted around the theater. Of course the harpoon gun was on a swivel that was set to randomly swivel around and they would have to just sort of guess when to fire. It was amazing! Never have I felt more like I was going to die at any moment.

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