Axon makes false statements to town that bought its police bodycams, threatens to tase their credit-rating if they cancel the contract

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When police body cams no longer have an on / off feature, I’ll get all hot & messy over this issue.


According to Muckrock, Axon’s business relies on recurring payments from small towns for cloud services. Axon is entrusted with the most sensitive and potentially damaging information that many of these towns generate, and unethical conduct on Axon’s part could lead to catastrophic consequences for people across the country.

Emphasis mine. Read as: “unethical or incompetent conduct”.


“Hello, mayor of [your town here]? Keep paying up, or we’ll release body cam footage of your son, caught beating up that under-age prostitute in their crack den.”

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Quod custodiet ipsos custodes?


I still like the idea that the cam is the badge. Make it so that without a functioning camera, the cop has no legal authority because he isn’t subject to proper oversight.


I keep waiting for a company to decide it is time to use the name skynet.


I mean, in this case, it’s definitely the former. Telling someone you can’t cancel a contract that clearly says otherwise seems pretty unethical. And $8k isn’t nothing.


What a country, America! You don’t rent a cop! The cop rents you!


Shouldn’t conduct like this result in extortion charges?


Axon had better be careful. Oracle does not take kindly to infringements on their preferred business practices and approaches to cloud sales.


What’s so unusual about Axxon’s conduct here, when 3 years ago they still believed in ripping off a much smaller company by infringed on their patent, claiming DGLY couldn’t patent “auto-activation”. Let’s see how the court handles that first before the federal government goes after Axxon concerning the ongoing defense contacts axxon holds. Look under that rock boys. Zebras don’t change their stripes.

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Quod custodiet ipsos custodes custodes?
Or Who watches the watchers watchers? I’m sure my Latin teacher would cane me for that one. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: His name was Father Kane and he actually used a cane in class.

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This is awful on the one hand.

On the other, more ethical than places I have worked.

Places considered pillars of the tech community.

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It was always a real thing, since before the movies


… want us, as Dr. Franzen, my college Latin prof would, to try to be as clear as possible given that we are working with a dead language. A fantastically dead as a doornail language.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes custodum
(genetive case)

“Who will guard the guards of the guards?”

There’s a recursive, fractal nature in this line of thinking, which, carried to its illogical extreme, would appear in its final version as some surveillance state in layers like the East Germany Stasi nested like matryoshka dolls.


ETA: with apologies for the pedantry


I only had 1st year High School Latin @j9c.

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Oh wow… thanks for the heads up.
I hear you.

Your experience may be a blessing in disguise.

I was already well in the weeds by second semester of first year college Latin. I used to have nightmares that were filled with tables and tables of declensions and conjugations. Irregular verbs made everything more “fun” (short version of fun is here):

Having grown up in a house where Chinese and German were spoken regularly, I somehow imagined that Latin would be a cakewalk.


I am more than a bit jealous of people who pickup languages easily. My 88 year old mom remains fluent in German, Italian, French, [Brazilian] Portugese, English; and less so in Russian. Drives me nuts that I didn’t get her genes for that.

ETA: grammar, again

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Where is he, in real time? Here:

I find his approach incredibly interesting.
“No longer have an on/off feature” indeed!

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