Ayn Rand Institute call for interns


Jesus! This thing actually exists

Notice how the people speaking in the video are 100% WASP-y

I dunno. Do you want to go write a paper on how rising inequality is necessary for growth? The Ayn Rand Institute will take you(r money)

See also: http://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/ayn-rand-reviews-childrens-movies?intcid=mod-latest



So the “internship” is that you pay money and take classes. Perhaps someone should let them know that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel: the concept already exists, and is called school.


Does successful completion of this “internship” result in an accredited degree of any kind?
Frightening to think of all the radical visionaries this place must be spewing out into our society.


Don’t I recall the Objectivists were split into two factions? Like the Orthodox Objectivists and the Reformed Objectivists, or something? I wonder which one runs this joint? Maybe the ones descended from the Prophet’s Lover.


What? We’re not racist, we’ve got Asians!!

This video is straight from Uncanny Valley, and really kinda scary. Thanks for posting, and I hope BB management puts it upfront.


I think that would be an amazing use of their time.


FYI - they do stipends and travel grants to the program:


Notice how the white people are the only ones with a voice in the video… And they are the whitest people ever, I think.


I wonder who the talking head in the .gif is… Looks it’s a doctor standing outside a hospital in Manchester, England. Greggs is mainly a northern sandwich chain


I don’t know specifically who he is or what he was talking about - I’d be interested to find out too. But it’s a damn funny gif, either way. And an important and timely one.


Unfortunately, the background music in this video is not sufficiently metal for it to qualify as my personal vision of hell.


I think more than that. I think there’s the split between Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Brandon, and the split between the anti-lgbt and respect-lgbt factions, and is Stefan Molyneux involved?

And of course ex-objectivists who have decided that capitalism and the [minimal] state [just strong enough to defend property especially intellectual property] are incompatible with their values and rational self-interest.

I mostly heard about the rest from the last group.


But handouts will undermine their self determination!!


It’s a test. Anyone who requests financial support is automatically rejected.


They’re everywhere now, aren’t they? They’ve borged just about every other bakers in the country now.


i remember in high school there was an objectivist-sponsored writing competition for who could most effusively praise the fountainhead.

the prize was like $500, which was a miserable pittance compared to what civic and religious groups and The Nanny State were paying out in merit-based scholarships. i didn’t realize how funny it was at the time.


That competition still exists, although I’m not certain what the payout is these days. Second prize: Atlas Shrugged! Next year’s competition: praise Atlas Shrugged!



so objectivists are united on the legitimacy of the whole “intellectual property” deal? i mean, i guess they’d have to be, but it’s still a big wtf.

the state should be big enough to stop you from competing with me, but small enough so that it will let you die because you can’t.


I don’t know for sure, but apparently Ayn Rand was strongly pro-ip.


One-way tickets? Because that would be awesome.