Baboons hijack car on highway in South Africa


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Of importance in light of recent proclamations to the otherwise: This is a Caucasian baboon


The baboon in the photo is not one found in South Africa. It is a Hamadryas baboon native to the horn of Africa region, some 3,500km from South Africa. The baboons found in Southern Africa are Chacma baboons.


So “stock photos of baboon is a stock photo of a baboon,” is the boingboing equivalent of Trump’s “stock photo of marching soldiers is a stock photo of marching soldiers,” I guess we shouldn’t vote for boingboing in the election. And in seriousness I DO understand that I should hold boingboing to a lower standard than a potential POTUS.


I was more focused on choosing the most adorable baboon I could find, and accuracy ended up taking a backseat.


Lucky for them that none of the baboons knew how to drive a stick shift.


I hope you’re not suggesting @frauenfelder used Nazi baboons in the photo…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He could have used this:


Nazi baboons. Man, this place has got everything.


To be a pedant, those are Nazi Mandrills. Old world primates, and close relatives of baboons, but technically not baboons…


Well, it’s what the cover calls them…
Not just Nazi baboons, but Hitler’s baboons!
Just imagine it:
“Ze fuhrer vants zese baboons trained to molest ze scantily-clad ladies before ze Americans perfect zeir super-soldier serum, or heads vill roll… your head, herr Doktor!”
“But vhy does he vant-”


oh man i’ve just got to get in this F’n mix! U know, I don’t even wanna save this page. its like crazyhorse. takes away part of my e-spirit. white nazi baoonz hijakin cars, post-loading dog rolling bubble wrap, nazi queen film, Titan Mfi, lifetime hacker protection (really?), dogface monster shirts, join EFF and buy amazon. shit, call grandma I’m in the future …yo…am I in trubble?


If you’re only here for “Wonderful Things” you’ll be sorely disappointed.

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One day, one day, I’ma get round to rasterbating all these splendid Mad Monkey covers and paper the hallway with them.


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