Watch this car narrowly ecsape from car jackers in South Africa


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  1. Why the creepy music?

  2. Shit, she must have practiced driving like that or something. I don’t think I’d have been so accurate and stable punching it in reverse like that.


What was the graphic and disturbing part?
Just another point. She isn’t driving. She has a driver on the right side of the vehicle.


That was some top notch high quality reversing there.


What sicko gave this a soundtrack?

Also, actual road sign in SA…



South African cars have the steering on the right side of the car. She didn’t do the driving, she just managed to hop back into the car in time. You can plainly see the driver if you look. Looks like a male, he is wearing a white shirt and the seatbelt is fastened, he keeps his right hand on the wheel the entire time. It almost looks like there is a jump cut in the video after the other car rolls up, or just loss of resolution, but he puts both his hands on the steering wheel as the gunman runs to the white car, the woman gets back in the left side door closes as they back away.


I watched it twice, I didn’t get disturbed at all. I want my money back, Boing Boing!

(At least they could have backed it with something metalish instead of new-age floating-in-the-rainbow crap.)


Derp - I don’t know why I didn’t see that sooner.


A better question might be: “Why didn’t the driver of the SUV exit the vehicle?” Was he dropping her off? He doesn’t appear to react too much when the hijackers show up.


The dog was uninjured.



I thought for sure the “disturbing” part was going to involve something happening to the dog. Really glad I was wrong.


So what kind of self-respecting hijacker doesn’t block her into the driveway?


I guess I wouldn’t survive long in SA. Instead of immediately getting back into the vehicle my reaction would have been “Who’s this now and why do they seem so excited to see me?”


ha-- I was wondering how she was able to re-start the car and back up so fast. Did not even notice the left-side/right-side switch and the driver


I guess the disturbing part was the music.


From the casino/shopping mall complex next to the hotel I stayed at in Jo’burg a few weeks back:

His’n’hers guards with metal detector wands at each entrance, and the ‘storage facility’ was a massive walk-in wardrobe. And apparently the Vegas-style fake blue sky and clouds ceiling has some bullet holes in…

Things do feel safer than the last time I was there (16 yrs ago), but gated communities and armed private security patrols are still very much the norm.


who watched the end for raw updates


Those car-jackers are doing pretty well - driving a Benz and all.


It looked more like an attempted kidnapping, if anything.