WATCH: Ghost chases crying man driving backwards




Incredible, this must be real because the technology doesn’t exist to fake a person wearing white walking slowly with a cane.


Even if it did, I don’t think anyone would lie like that.


Well, this is beneath the standard of entertainingness or informative than I have come to expect from BB. Please don’t waste readers’ time with stuff like this anymore.




It looks like a sweded version of the “Karma Police” videoclip by Radiohead…


Are we talking about the transparent fraud as commentary on the idiocy of the Daily Record reporting this as “news”? It’s not funny, not scary and not real.
It looks too high end to just be a prank to scare the passenger, probably a half-assed blair witch project student video.

Or is is timely and funny because the it appears to show me that arabs are scared of ghosts?


Given the demographics of the Blackburn area (where I went to high school), I’d say it’s highly unlikely they are speaking Arabic. Much more likely to be Urdu, Pashto, or Punjabi.

Maybe someone more familiar with these languages can confirm?


I’m very disappointed in boingboing that you guys would keep a list like that. Please never link to it again.


Your name will also go on the list!


That list needs to be sorted more efficiently, either alphabetized by user name or categorized by nature of complaint.




Would you say it’s pretty disappointing in its present condition?


Yeah, but then of course, boingboing has gone to hell since Maggie left.


Fox news had this on their website, but concentrated mostly on the horror of the Arabic guys being in England.


Well, I’m just glad they didn’t run over the person in white, assuming the people filming weren’t in on it.
Given how they were moving, I wonder if the “ghost” wasn’t just some random person with medical issues and a fondness for white.


Blackburn is a no-go area for non-ghosts these days.


This is what a Tory government gets you: Even the ghosts are crap these days.


That’s high end? The resources seem to consist of:

One (1) slow car with exhaust issues
One (1) fairly elderly camera-phone
One (1) game co-conspirator, trained to hobble in an entertainingly exaggerated fashion, wearing
One (1) white abaya, and bearing
One (1) stick, possibly sourced at filming location.

We should include room in the budget for a creepy wig, in case our stunt player lacks the appropriate creepy locks.

I give bonus points to the driver for managing to back up juuuust fast enough to keep the Hobblefoot Spectre in view, without actually busting out in laughter at his poor buddy’s reaction.


The ghost was pretty crap, but at least mildly entertaining.
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