Baby don't fear the Golden Retriever


I will always fear dogs. First, when people describe how I shouldn’t fear dogs because they are sense fear and are aggressive towards those who fear dogs, that is horrifying. Second, they have been bred into grotesque shapes. Third, dog attacks are common. Fourth, I had one very scary experience with a dog when I was a baby.

There were a few minor biting incidents between my golden retriever and my kids when they were toddlers, but the dog always got over it and the kids quickly learned that it was a quick way to end up with a mouthful of fur.

Granted, not all dogs are as passive around children as mine is.


I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t fear dogs. I get that it’s real, and that’s how you feel, and that’s completely valid.

Let me just offer that, it hurts my heart to hear that you’re afraid of them, because I know what you’re missing out on. I hope that one day you might come to have a more comfortable relationship with dogs, because I wouldn’t wish missing out on the kind of special relationship dogs and people have together on my worst enemies, much less a friend like you.

In the meantime, I hope that nobody forces you to interact with dogs except on your own terms.


You gotta admit, though, some dog shapes are pretty grotesque.

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Baby should fear the shadow…

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